3 Way to clean your rubber and photopolymer stamps. All products by Stampin'Up! available at frenchiestamps.com

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Lets have a little chat about our stamp cleaning product and tool. Stampin’Up! has 3 different products.With a new one just release last month. So I will share tips and important fact about all 3 product. 

I have a video below that explain all product and tips on cleaning your stamps. You can also find the video on my You Tube  Channel. Note that the video is longer then my tips video due to all the product that I share tips about. I cover all ink type and cleaning products. 

The 3 ways to clean your stamps

Here I will list all 3 products that we have to clean our stamps. All product can be view on page 182 and 183 of the 2019-2020 catalog. I will list my pros and cons for all 3.  

3 Way to clean your rubber and photopolymer stamps. All products by Stampin'Up! available at frenchiestamps.com

The NEW Stamp Cleaning Pad 

  • This is new to Stampin’Up!, it just got release last month.
  • It is very small and portable.
  • It is easy to take with when you go out to stamp with friends
  • Refill are available to purchase. If it get dry just add more liquid just like you re-ink a ink pad.
  • This solution will get some stubborn stain off the photopolymer. 
  • The case is about the size of the memento ink but thicker. 

Now make sure you read the instruction that is stuck under the case “WARNING To avoid damaging photopolymer and cling stamps, use water to rinse the cleaning solution from the stamp as soon as possible.” So my best advice is keep a spritz bottle with water to rinse your stamps after you use this solution. 
In the catalog below the product you will see this message ” When using on cling stamps, rinse stamp with water immediately after use to protect the adhesive on the cling label. Use StazOn cleaner to remove StazOn.”

Well when it come to StazOn be super careful when you use this cleaning solution for cling stamp. I personally DO NOT recommend the StazOn cleaner due to damaging the adhesive on the cling.
For Photopolymer stamps it is a no no, to use StazOn cleaner, it will damage your photopolymer in a long run.   

Simply Shammy 

This is the most economic cleaner. Why I say that cause it just need water.
It is a reusable mat and very durable. Just add water and clean your stamps. When it get dry rinse under warm water and use again. When it get very “yucky” well lots of ink I let mine soak in the sink. I heard some wash it in the washing machine but I never done it so I cannot say if it will damage or not. It will get stain but that is all okay. The clear stamp case are the best little case to keep your shammy in. I listed the case in the supplies below. 

The Stampin’ Scrub 

This is made of plush and it is washable. On one side in the top corner you will see little rain drop that is where to spray the Stampin’ Mist to clean. On the other side you will see a little umbrella that is to dry your stamp.
The Stampin’ Scrub with the Stampin’ Mist is my number one choice for all detail stamps. The plush will clean all between the little lines.
If I use StazOn ink, this is the solution that I use to clean my stamps. With the stampin’ mist and a little pressure you can get your stamp clean even with StazOn Ink.
The stampin’ mist is safe on all stamps, cling and photopolymer. Also the Stampin’ Mist will condition your stamps.  

How to clean your stampin’ scrub. 
DO NOT wash in the dishwasher. If your dishwasher use HOT water and heat to dry it sure gonna melt the tray. That I know it happen…. some of my sweet friends try it and OOOPS I sold them a new scrub.
My best advice is let it soak in the sink over night and then rinse off. Voila it is ready to go. The reason to let it soak over night is to get that dry ink off and the ink that settle in the bottom.
You do NOT need to clean it daily. You will notice when it is time to get it clean and soak. When you scrub your stamp and the solution is all dark then time to soak. 

Many ask me how often should we clean the shammy or the Stampin’ Scrub. It is no answer to this, all depend how often you stamp and if you use lots of dark color ink. In my case I say I clean mine about every 3 to 4 days but note that I stamp EVERY DAY!.   

StazOn Cleaner 

Well like mention above I do not recommend this on both the cling or photopolyme. So the only thing I will say is. if you use it rise under water after you finish cleaning your stamps and use at your own risk.
If you have the wood mount stamp or what we use to have the clear mount then the Stazon cleaner is safe to use. 

Wow I feel I just finish writing a novel and I am NOT a writer. Hope this will help you decide what is best for your cleaning product and solution to clean 

Tip video 


Cleaning solution and tools 

You can purchase all of the cleaning supplies and tool by clicking on the product image below ↓ and don’t forget some WATER!
Thank YOU for your support and business.

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