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Labels Size 

Most labels are the 1 x 2-5/8 address labels if this is not the labels it will be listed. 

Holiday 2019 Product labels 

Stampin'Up! Holiday product labels to get organize

Organize your Dies, Punch and Embossing Folder from the 2019 Holiday catalog. 
Just CLICK HERE or on the picture to download the file to print labels Avery 8460. Use the labels to apply on each folder or die package it will list the coordinating stamps and the number of dies.
List is base on the 2019 Holiday Stampin’Up! Catalog. Print as is, do not change the merge. 


2019-2020 Catalog Tab 

Free Printable 2019-2020 Stampin'Up! Catalog at

For the catalog tab CLICK HERE to print this is on Avery Labels YOU will need to print 2 set of the labels for the tab front and back Will have the video Mid June stay tune 
Also in these labels and tab you will find all labels for the color coordination with the designer paper . 

For the index page where the labels goes click HERE 




Free download for 2019-2020 Designer paper. Name of the paper with coordination colors. Awesome tool to organize your designer paper. get your free download at

With the catalog tab labels are the designer paper labels with all the color coordination 




Stampin’Up! 2019-2020 Catalog Chart 

This first section of download and printable chat are reference to the annual 2019-2020 catalog. 

Shopping list and index 

Easy printable Shopping list for you. Also on this list you have the index of products and all the suites for easy reference. All bundle at 10% are listed on page 4 to 11 in the 2019-2020 annual catalog. Happy Shopping to you. CLICK HERE to print. 





Greeting Index

Stampin'Up! 2019-2020 Greeting index. Available at

The greeting list is to help you find greetings for different occasion. Many greetings are part of stamp set that we do not know it include a greeting. I am sure it is many more but this should help you find many greeting for popular occasion. Click HERE to print out all 5 page.





Stampin'Up! 2019-2020 Greeting Index come get the download at

Click Here to download Stampin’Up! greeting index 2019-2020 with picture of the stamp set. 





Labels for Dies and Embossing Folders 

Free download for labels of 2019-2020 Stampin'Up! Die and embossing folder. Provided by

Organize your Dies and Embossing Folder Just CLICK HERE or on the picture to download the file to print labels Avery 8460. Use the labels to apply on each folder or die package it will list the coordinating stamps and the number of dies. List is base on the 2019-2020 Stampin’Up! Catalog. Print as is do not change the merge. 



Labels for Punches 

Free download for labels of 2019-2020 Stampin'Up! Punches. Provided by

Organize your Punch. Just CLICK HERE or on the picture to download the file to print labels Avery 8460. Use the labels to apply on each punch, it will list the coordinating stamps. List is base on the 2019-2020 Stampin’Up! Catalog.When printing do NOT change the merge. 



Stamp set Labels 

Labels for Stamp set from the 2019-2020 Stampin'Up! catalog at

CLICK HERE to download the labels for all stamp sets in the 2019-2020 annual catalog Avery Labels 8460 the address labels 1 x 2-5/8 size 





2019-2020 Designer Paper Chart with coordinate colors 

2019-2020 Stampin'Up! designer Paper Chart with color coordination. Print yours for free at

CLICK HERE to download and print the 13 Designer Paper chart with color coordination. This dose not include the colored designer paper in all colors on page 168. All designer paper from page 165,166, 167. It may take a little time to download it is a large file. 





Free Inventory Sheet for your Stampin'Up! Ink, Paper, Markers and Blends at

Click here to pint out the color inventory papers, inks, markers, blends 


Stampin'Up! Color Coch Download, Color Chart Free download, frenchiestamps,  for Color Chart free download/printable CLICK HERE   


Blank Color Chart Make your own Chart, frenchiestamps CLICK HERE for blank color chart to make your own 



Free Download Stampin'Up! In-Color 2019-2020 Color Coach

 CLICK HERE to download 2018- 2021 ALL In-Color Chart and Coach 



Stampin'Up! color printable labels.

CLICK HERE to download the Stampin’Up! Color label 
Perfect for organizing your cardstock and such. These labels are for the template of 5167 Avery make sure you unchecked the box fit to page so it will fit perfect on the labels.  Size of of the labels are ½ x 1¾ (return address 80 per sheet) 




 I have the print out for the chart insertHERE and in the video I explain how to make the divider and all. How to make the divider video on my You Tube Channel.


For the divider you will need in Thick Whisper White 
-2 of ¾ x 7 
-4 of ¾ x 5 

Stampin' Blends Case, DIY, stampin'Up!, Frenchiestamps,




CLICK HERE for the post to make your own storage case for Stampin’ Blends

Stampin'Up! color inventory free download


chart to keep your inventory for paper, ink, re-inker and markers in all Stampin’Up! current color 2017 CLICK HERE for free download 

Designer Series Paper Color coordination 

Free Download Stampin'Up! Designer paper List with coordination color
CLICK HERE to get the list of most designer paper with color coordination from 2006 till 2017 


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