Tips and all you need to know about the Stampin' Seal Adhesive.

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No creation for today but some great tips and all that you need to know about the NEW Stampin’ Seal Adhesive. Maybe some of you saw my video at lunchtime back in June about all the new adhesive but this video is just about the Stampin’ Seal and Stampin’ Seal Plus. I have many great tips and I bet you will be glad you took the time to watch.  

You can view the tip video below or on my YouTube Channel

Tips and all you need to know about the Stampin' Seal Adhesive.


Q & A about the Stampin’ Seal and Stampin’ Seal Plus

This Q&A was share by Stampin’Up! at place I will add some personal input that will be listed in red.  

Q: How do Stampin’ SEAL and Stampin’ SEAL+ compare with SNAIL/Fast Fuse?
A: Stampin’ SEAL
• Stampin’ SEAL is an everyday adhesive that bonds instantly and neatly, like SNAIL
Stampin’ Seal the light blue cartridge is for lighter seal and the dark blue is Seal + for a stronger seal.   

• Stampin’ SEAL was designed to have improved strength over SNAIL Stampin’ SEAL+
• Stampin’ SEAL+ is a super-strength adhesive that bonds instantly and neatly, similar to Fast Fuse.
• It is perfect for heavier layers or small 3D items.
• Stampin’ SEAL+ is perforated for easy separation after laydown Stampin’ SEAL and Stampin’ SEAL+
• Exclusive case
• Case can be used interchangeably for both Stampin’ SEAL and Stampin’ SEAL+
• Includes 16.4 yds. adhesive vs. 13.1 yds. with SNAIL Adhesive
• No “checkmark” hand movement required for release of adhesive. In the video, I share my way to start and finish. This is a learning curve but after you get the hang of it I bet it will become your favorite adhesive. It sure is mine. 
• Re-sealable pouch packaging for storage and to protect it when stored in a bag or tote
• Refillable cartridges

Q: Why do I need a Stampin’ SEAL if I have Stampin’ SEAL+? Do I need to buy both?
A: Stampin’ SEAL is less expensive and is designed for everyday use. Stampin’ SEAL+ has a stronger bond that works well with 3D and heavier projects.
Q: Will SNAIL/Fast Fuse refills fit into the new Stampin’ SEAL/Stampin’ SEAL+ adhesive cases?
A: No, they do not. From my experiment, it will NOT fit in the snail but the Fast Fuse refill fit in the Seal if you have some refill of fast fuse and choose to use them in the Seal case do it at your own risk. 

Q: Do Stampin’ SEAL and Stampin’ SEAL+ have the same case?
A: Yes. They can be used interchangeably if desired.

Q: Will Stampin’ SEAL and Stampin’ SEAL+ roll back on itself and jam—as would sometimes occur with SNAIL Adhesive and Fast Fuse?
A: Any roller adhesive can exhibit this problem. When it occurs, we recommend stopping the adhesive laydown and adjusting the roll manually before proceeding. It is always helpful to use slow and controlled strokes during use. I try so hard for this to happen in the video and I finally got it to happen so you will see how to fix that.

Q: Are Stampin’ SEAL and Stampin’ SEAL+ permanent adhesives?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you move embellishments or paper once they have been adhered to your project with Stampin’ SEAL or Stampin’ SEAL+?
A: Stampin’ SEAL and Stampin’ SEAL+ are non-repositionable adhesives. We recommend against moving embellishments or paper once you have adhered them to your project.

Q: Is SEAL an acronym?
A: Yes, it stands for “Simple Easy Adhesive Laydown.”

Q: Are Stampin’ SEAL and Stampin’ SEAL+ acid free and photo safe?
A: Yes.

Stampin’ SEAL or Stampin’ SEAL+ Troubleshooting

• The tip of the adhesive runner should be in a flat position against the paper; avoid using it on an angle. Light touch and pressure NO NEED to press hard. 

• Once the laydown of the adhesive is complete, stop and pull the adhesive straight up. Avoid pulling the adhesive
back to separate it from the paper.

• If the adhesive won’t advance and the trail breaks off, add slight pressure to get it rolling again. You may need to
use your finger to advance the adhesive.

• Stampin’ SEAL and Stampin’ SEAL+ create a strong adhesive bond. When using more fibrous papers, paper tearing may occur. If the paper tears and rolls into the adhesive, it will not ruin your adhesive roll. Stop and adjust your location and angle before proceeding with a slow and lightly controlled stroke. All show in the video.

• Similar to what you may have experienced with SNAIL or Fast Fuse, it is possible for Stampin’ SEAL and Stampin’
SEAL+ to roll back on itself or jam. This can happen with any roller adhesive. If it occurs, we recommend stopping
the adhesive laydown and adjusting the roll manually before proceeding. Using slow and controlled strokes is advised.

 I been using this since June none stop and I do lots of cards and very little if any problem I encounter. As mention in the beginning, it is a learning curve just like any new product. 

Lay Flat and Soft Touch 

Tips and all you need to know about the Stampin' Seal Adhesive.

See the picture above that is how you should hold the case when applying the adhesive. Yes, almost flat do not hold straight up like other tape runners. Also, do NOT put lots of pressure, just a light touch will do the job. 

Changing the refill-cartridge 

Tips and all you need to know about the Stampin' Seal Adhesive.

To change the refill-cartridge squeeze the case at the front of the case and pull apart.  You will see the refill has 2 openings that need to be aligned with the 2 little brackets then place the cover on. Voila! You got a new refill in. Same for both the Seal and Seal + and they fit in the same case. 

What Seal Frenchie’ prefer? 

Now I bet many will ask what is my favorite choice the seal or the seal +.
My answer to that I love them both. It all depends on the project that I am doing. For regular cards, I go with the Seal exception for watercolor paper and emboss paper I will do the Seal +. For all 3-D projects, I will choose the Seal+. Both Seal are amazing in my book. Did I tell you yet that I LOVE this product? Well, I do. 

Tip Video 

Supplies for today project 

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