Stampin' Cut and Emboss Machine

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Today I am sharing my tip video for the NEW Stampin’ Cut & Emboss machine. Also, I have a question and answer. for the standard size machine, the mini is NOT available yet and soon I have some info on the date I will pass along the information. 

You can view the video below or you can visit my YouTube channel here

Full view of the Stampin’ Cut & Emboss 

Stampin' Cut and Emboss Machine

I love the look of this machine and how it can be close for an easy way to carry at different places. 

Stampin' Cut and Emboss Machine

Frenchie Favorite feature of the machine 

Here my few favorite things that I love about his machine. 

  • #1 is the instruction is all graphic on the platform and ALL plates are labeled with a number. Supper friendly to use. 
  • The instruction is always at your fingertips.  
  • It is not a big bump when you roll a die or folder. It is very smooth. 
  • When I’m not using it you can close it and take little space on your craft table. 

Detail about the standard cut and emboss machine 

  • Order Number 149653
  • This machine has a wide 6″ platform that works with all Stampin’ Up! dies and embossing folders and most dies and folders on the markets.
  • Includes 1 Base Plate (Plate 1), 1 Die Plate (Plate 2), 2 Cutting Plates (Plate 3), and 1 Specialty Plate (Plate 4).

Stampin’ Cut and Emboss Extra Tools 

The list that I am sharing is extra tools available to use with the standard machine. You DO not need any of the extra tools to start using your machine these are extra for special dies and projects. The machine comes with all the basic tools that you need to cut and emboss.  

  • Magnetic Cutting Plate: Thin, fully magnetic sheet with self-healing cutting surface. Magnetic Cutting Plate (Plate 5) holds dies securely in place, even nested dies. This slim, portable sheet replaces a Cutting Plate in your sandwich, making it even easier to take with you. Use with the Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machine. #149656

  • Impression Mats: Your favorite dies can do more when paired with the Impression Mats. Use with dies that have decorative ejection holes for detailed embossing. Or use with cutting dies to emboss instead of cut. Includes 1 thick Impression Mat and 1 thin Impression Mat. Use with the Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machine and the Specialty Plate (Plate 4). *Not available yet date to be determined 

Replacement Plates 

  • Base Plate & Die Plate Pack: #149657 Includes Base Plate (Plate 1) for use with dies and embossing folders and Die Plate (Plate 2) for use with dies. Use with the Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machine.

  • Cutting Plates: #150815 Replacement Cutting Plates (Plate 3). 2 plates. Use with the Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machine.

  • Specialty Plate: #154711 Use Specialty Plate (Plate 4) with 3D embossing folders for best embossing results and with Impression Mats when embossing with dies. (The Specialty Plate is not needed with standard embossing folders.) Use with the Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machine.
    Note: this plate can be used interchangeably with the 3D Embossing Folder Plate.

Tip video 

Assemble The Handle 

Stampin' Cut & Emboss Machine

In the video, I share how to attach the handle. Also, where I store the L Wrench under the machine so if ever I need to tighten the handle again I can found the tool easy. One thing that  I didn’t do is placing the rubber cover on the handle so I have the picture above. 

Question and Answer 

I have the full detail of the question and answer that Stampin’Up! shared with us. You can click here to view the FULL  detail. Below are just the most questions and answers. 

Q. Are these machines only available through Stampin’ Up!?
A. Yes. There are times that we partner with companies who already offer crafting tools and we rebrand them for Stampin’ Up! This is not the case with the Stampin’ Cut & Emboss machines. They’re exclusive to Stampin’ Up! which means the only place you or your customers can buy them is through us!
Q. Do the Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machines have a warranty?
A. The Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machine and Mini Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machine each have a three-year limited warranty. To prevent damage to the machines, use as directed and use only with compatible Stampin’ Up! products. 
Q. Do I need to buy plates before I can use my Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machine?
A. No. The Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machines come with the plates you need to get started. The machines include these plates:
  • Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machine: 1 Base Plate (Plate 1), 1 Die Plate (Plate 2), 2 Cutting Plates (Plate 3), 1 Specialty Plate (Plate 4) 
  • Mini Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machine: 1 Mini Base Plate (Plate 1), 2 Mini Cutting Plates (Plate 2), 1 Mini Embossing Plate (Plate 3), 1 Mini 3D Embossing Plate (Plate 4)

This is what you need for basic die cutting and embossing. Optional plates are sold separately for specialty die cutting and embossing. You can buy replacements for all plates.
On the plates and basic platform you have all the graphic to what plate you need to use, this is the most friendly machine I saw. 

Q. Can I use the plates designed for the Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machine in other die-cutting machines?

A. No. We do not recommend using Stampin’ Cut & Emboss plates in other machines. We designed our plates specifically for our machines, and we have not tested them to work with other machines.
I try this in the old machine and it fit. If you chose to use the new plates in your old machine DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. 
Q. I already have accessories (cutting plates, platforms, mats, or pads) for a different die-cutting machine. Can I use them with the Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machines?
A. No. Because Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machines come with all the plates you need to get started, you don’t need to use accessories from other machines. Our plates are the correct thickness to work with the gap (distance between the rollers) in our machine so you get the best results with the least effort.
Even if it fit I do NOT recommend using them in your new machine that could void your warranty. 
Plates designed for non-Stampin’ Up! machines will likely be the wrong thickness. If they are too thick, they’ll make the sandwich too high, which could damage the machine. If they are too thin, you’ll need to use shims or run dies through the machine several times to get good results. 

To prevent damage to the machines, use the plates that are included with or designed to work with the Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machines. (Compatible products will state that they can be used with the Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machines in the product description in the catalog and online store.)

Q. Can I use dies and embossing folders from other manufacturers in the Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machines?
A. Yes, but due to differences in product thickness, you might need to use a shim to adjust the sandwich height. However, if the sandwich is too high, don’t force it through the machine—this could damage the machine and void the warranty. I try a different one and some retired one and YES it wok. If you choose to do it again do it at your own risk. 
Q. Can I use Stampin’ Cut & Emboss dies and embossing folders with other die-cutting and embossing machines?
A. Yes. You can use Stampin’ Cut & Emboss dies and embossing folders with most die-cutting and embossing machines. Use the sandwich recommended by the machine’s manufacturer. Because of variances in machines or products, you might need to use a shim.


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