Casing the Catalog and More About Casing. Casing

Casing the Catalog and More About Casing. Last month I shared some tips about casing cards from the catalog during a live broadcast on Facebook. After the event, I received many questions about how to correctly case cards or projects. Where to find the instruction for cards from the annual catalog and such?
Today I will answer the questions, s and have the recorded broadcast that you can watch the Replay.  

Using the Textured Floral, I cased the card from page 65 of the 23-24 annual catalog. 

The Replay of Me Casing the Textured Floral, Page 65 

The video was recorded live on June 21, 2023, and I discussed free shipping. That offer was a one-day special ONLY. 
I have great tips on where to find the list of products Stampin’Up! used for each project and also how I created the beautiful and simple card with the Textured Floral. 

Textured Floral Card Detail 

Casing the Catalog and More About Casing. Casing

Here is my take on the card on page 65 of the 23-24 annual catalog. 
You will notice a few changes; here is what I have done differently

  • I stamped the flowers too low and moved the greeting to the top.
  • I replace the ribbon above the greeting with a vellum. 
  • I use the Exposed Brid embossing folder on the front. 

Casing the Catalog and More About Casing. Casing

Casing the Catalog and More About Casing. Casing

Casing the Catalog and More About Casing. Casing

Where to get the detail of cards and projects from Stampin’Up! catalog 

Stampin’Up! provided us with the basic recipe for all the projects they showcase in eh catalog. This is available to ALL, thanks to Stampin’Up! Note that the recipes don’t have the step-by-step instruction to re-create the projects. It is the basic supplies list, and sometimes they list the technique. So many times, we wondered what color they used or what set that stamp was from and such. I love that they take the time to share the basic. 
Here is the recipe sample of today’s card 

Casing the Catalog and More About Casing

It lists the stamp set, paper, ink (note it was missing the Flirty Flamingo), tool, and embellishment. Plus, they listed the technique as the Stamp Off for this one. Please do not leave a negative comment that this is not good enough to recreate, which would need step-by-step and all measurements. To give all the extra detail would take too much man labor for a catalog. I appreciate all that they share, so many of my customers use this tool, and I often refer to this tool to answer questions like, what color is one this card or that card? 

Recipe Stampin'Up! 2023 -2024 Catalog

If you wish to see the recipe, click on the image above. Also, if you need it later, it is on my blog; at the top, click on Chart Stampin’ 101 and Printable Chart. I have lots of great charts on that page, including Stampin’ Up! Color Chart is another excellent tool that is FREE that is offered by Stampin’Up!

What is “Case” stand for, and more detail 

“Case” is basically that you recreate a card you receive or saw online. 
Here is what some people say about “Case.” 

  • Copy And Share Everything 
  • Copy And Slightly Edit (that would be the one I did today) 

Now I will answer some questions, but before, I want you all to know that what I am about to answer are my personal feeling, and maybe other creators would disagree with me, but you ask Frenchie, and Frenchie is answering the question on her blog. 

Q: Do I have to ask permission to case a card on a blog, Pinterest, Instagram, and such? 
A: NO. No need to ask me permission to “case” my creation. Suppose I share a card or project publicly. It’s to inspire you to create your own. 

Q: If I share what I “cased,” do I have to give credit to the person I “cased” the project from? (it was many questions about this subject) 
A: I was afraid someone would ask this question.
First, if you remember who you “case” the card from, it would be nice to say you have been inspired by…… But many times, we saw something quickly scrolling on the internet or didn’t save the page, and we don’t remember YES still “case” and share. I don’t need the spotlight if you “case” from me. When I see a similar out there that looks like one of my originals, it puts a big smile on my face. I feel so blessed that someone loved my cards enough to recreate them. It is the best compliment when I see a familiar card. 
I know many other creators (demo) don’t feel the same….. I always ask do you see “Inspired By Henry Ford or Curl Benz” in the back of every car or on every light bulb “Inspired by Thomas Edison.” Well, I bet you get me now, so please always feel free to “case” what I share, and please don’t ask permission. If I share it, you get the permission. 

Q: if we don’t have the same stamp set, can we use a different one and “case” the layout and colors?
A: You bet use what you have, and really when you see a card that you like, that is the first inspiration to get started. The best answer to this question is this “Copy And Slightly Edit” I say use the inks and stamps you purchase; don’t let the dust collect on them. 

Here is an article that is Stampin’ Up! Share about “Casing”

CASE—Copy And Share Everything
When we’re running low on ideas, we turn to CASEing—Copying And Sharing Everything! Whether it’s CASEing colors or layouts, we love the timeless saying: if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!
 If you like what you see, feel free to CASE this technique in your projects, and don’t forget to share them on social media so we can all see it!

Wow, that was long, but I hope you feel at ease to “Case” all you see on my blog or any social place I share. 

Supplies for today’s project 

To purchase the supplies used for today’s project, click on the images below ↓and add them all to the cart. 
Also, don’t forget to EDIT your cart as needed; click continues shopping if you need additional items. In conclusion, you can edit the shopping cart at any time while you are shopping. 

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