Designer Paper Share Stampin'Up! catalog Jan-June 2021

Hello Friends,

Time to reserve your designer paper share for the Stampin’Up!® Jan-June 2021 catalog. So many ask if I will offer this share again this year and the answer is YES.
I also have a bonus with this share. The bonus is that you will get the download for Designer Paper Chart, detail of the carts below.
I have the full list below of what is included in this year’s share. 68 pieces of 6 x 6 paper, it is an amazing variation of designer paper and specialty paper. 

I have the easy form below to order your share. All share needs to be ordered and paid by January 2nd, 2021. Don’t miss out on this awesome share of all new designer papers. 

What is included in the paper share?

Designer Paper and Specialty paper 

  • True Love (6) 
  • Hydrangea Hill (6) 
  • Dandy Garden (12) 
  • Fine Art Floral (6) 
  • Sand & Sea  (6) 
  • Ice Cream Corner (6) 
  • Snail Mail (6) 
  • Well Suited (6) 
  • Love You Always Specialty (3) 
  • Love You Always Foil Sheet (3)
  • Hydrangea Hill Mercury Glass Acetate (4)
  • Golden Garden Specialty Acetate (3)
  • Pearlescent Specialty (1)

This is a total of 68 of 6 x 6 piece of designer paper. The paper share is one of the best ways to see all the true beauty and the value of the designer paper. 

Templates Download  

All who purchase one or more paper shares will receive a free download. You can print the download to make your own Designer Paper chart or print the finished chart for easy reference of color coordination with the designer paper. The chart includes all coordination colors for each paper designer and specialty paper. The download includes a chart for these papers. 

Designer Paper Chart for the Jan-June 2021Stampin'Up! Mini catalog.

Designer Paper Chart for the Jan-June 2021Stampin'Up! Mini catalog.

You can print the chart with all the samples of the designer paper or print the plain one to make your own. Both sets of charts is included in the download. *I do NOT mail the chart you are responsible to print. 

Designer Paper Chart for the Jan-June 2021Stampin'Up! Mini catalog.

  • True Love 
  • Hydrangea Hill 
  • Dandy Garden
  • Fine Art Floral 
  • Sand & Sea  
  • Ice Cream Corner
  • Snail Mail 
  • Well Suited 
  • Love You Always Specialty
  • Love You Always Foil Sheet 
  • Hydrangea Hill Mercury Glass Acetate 
  • Golden Garden Specialty Acetate 
  • Pearlescent Specialty

I have a video below that shows how to assemble these charts and the benefits of them. 

Sleeves for Designer paper 

The sleeves that I store my Designer paper I got at Amazon. Click here to view or to purchase. Please note that I am NOT responsible for any of these purchases, these are on Amazon NOT supported on my site. 

Designer Paper Chart with Color Coordination Video 

Here the video on the Designer Paper Chart. These charts are amazing to keep your designer paper organize and friendly to find the coordinate colors. 

How to order and price 

To order the share just fill out the form below and indicate how many shares you want.

Starting December 26th, 2020, I will send you a PayPal invoice. The invoice is due by January  2nd,2021. All shares will be ordered on January 5th, and ship to you as soon that all paper arrived. First paid, the first to be ship. 
The price per share is $24.50 plus shipping and handling. Shipping and handling are $8.40 up to 4 shares. All shipping is priority mail with a tracking number.
**This purchase doesn’t count for the “Frequent Buyer Program” or any other promotion. 

Have a lovely day!
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