Good morning Sunshine!
   Questions of the week? So many message, e-mail and such….. Did you move back to Wyoming? I thought you move to Texas? Where do you live now? and so on well here the scoop…. Where do I live? Well my permanent office and bed is in Texas but in the summer I am mobile so my office is where ever I go. Yes we go to Wyoming lots this summer both kids still in Wyoming and this is the last summer that both kids will be in the same state and only about one hour apart so we try to come visit them as much has we can before Nika is moving to Washington State then it will be hard will have to go between Washington and Wyoming to see my little one yes I call them my little one even they are both taller then me they still my little one. Back in May we took Shadow back in Wyoming to escape the heat of the summer so yes a spoil dog  but this way we can come often and the kids can spend time with him. He will come back to Texas when thing start to cool off that old boy don’t do good in the heat and humidity of TX. Many ask me how he’s doing well he is better now then he was a year ago so he is my miracle dog. It been 15 months since he been diagnose with bone cancer but that boy is not ready to let go. So now you got the scoop of where I live the best answer would be in the summer time it is “between WY and TX” or I should say in the Cowboy state that would cover both WY and TX, they are both cowboy well the Dallas Cowboy and University of Wyoming are call “Wyoming Cowboy” so my cowboy boots are in style at both place. 

Now last week I was in WY and had a little get together with some of my team mate there it was a last minute thing so only a few didn’t have plan already so they join me for a stamping day. Pot luck, shoe box swap (shoe box swap is when everyone prep for everyone to make a card and we pass the box around and make each other card) lots of laugh and great company it was a great day and so fun to stamp with my mid west team again. At the top you can see all the card we did I will share each card latter and some I want to have a video and such so stay tune for more about the lovely cards. 

Then we the family got all together Thursday night for Brett B-Day well we celebrate Brett, Mick and Nika all their B-Day they are all about 2 weeks apart stating with Mick end of June and end with Nika end of July all summer B-Day but me I kind of like it that I don’t have a summer b-day cause by the time November roll around we are really craving for cake HA! and in the summer by the time it is Nika B-Day we are sick of cake. 

Well my friends this is it for me for now. 
have a great day and I will be back tomorrow with a fun technique stay tune, 

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