Hello friends 
Well where to start I don’t even know how to explain it all…..
Okay many of you know this past week till today I was suppose to be on a cruise with Stampin’Up! and my family to Europe in the Mediterranean well sometime what you plan and what you are force to do are two different thing. So here the short story and when I can will give more detail. We started our trip Sat and Monday was the first stop in Italy in Pompeii my daughter took a soft fall but she  hit perfect on her left arm and compound fracture on both bones radius and ulna well after visiting 2 horrible hospital then the boat doc and no one could operate there so the next stop in Rome we had to fly to the states to get her operated to put pins and plates in her arm in Colorado…….
Well that the shot story and yes I have some picture that will share when I’m home on my computer. 
This is the first vacation not bringing my computer all did my post in advance and schedule now I m on my iPad very limited or I should say I never post from this so I m challenge. So if you place an order and waiting for a PDF don’t think I forgot about you soon I get to my computer I will take care of them all the same with any e mail. I m in Wyoming for a few more days to take care of her and doing what I can on I pad. The bone folder will be ship soon I get to TX. I am very sorry for the delay but very thankful that my daughter Nika is taking care of now still in pain but much better.
Thank you all for your support