Hello Friends
   Time to showcase a lovely gift and some sweet treat that Sam “Pootles” gave me at Leadership. I know that most stamping peep knows “Pootles’ she is a demo from the UK that many knows her for the queen of box/bag she has lots and lots of video CLICK HERE to view her blog. I met her at convention a year or so ago and this time at leadership we had more time together. Stampin’Up! event are so busy that most of the time is chat a little and keep on going well we stay longer this year and Sam did too so Sunday evening we had dinner and chat for a few hours. I bet my my friend Glenda her head was spinning listening to us with Sam British accent and me with my french accent *that I don’t think that I have HA! 

 For this lovely flip box CLICK HERE Sam “Pootles” has a video on how to make it with one piece of card stock, yes she has the measurement in inch.
Here the stash of smarties Yes Sam know that I love them LOTS and that I can NOT get them in the US so she sure did took care of my craving. I’m still in shock on how many she gave me I bet she had to pay extra for her overweight language. 
Rubber stamp is more then card making Oh! the friendship that I made with Stampin’Up! glade that I join almost 13 years ago.
Many of you don’t know what are “Smarties” well in the US what we call smarties are tart candy well in Canada and the UK they are  like our M&M but oh so much better the hard candy shell on top of the chocolate it’s so YUMMY okay know I’m drooling for some smarties and yes I still have some, time for a snack…….
 To Funny had to edit the picture I had put Sam name first and I’m first in the picture 🙂 From left to right Me & Sam

She did a cute little box for the mini one CLICK here to view the box and video. The stash is many many of them that was after I got back so many was already in my belly 🙂
Here I listed the supplies for the flip box.

 Then Dena join us for a bit she was stuck there due to the storm on the East coast. Great evening with friends.
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Thank YOU all for your support and have a great weekend.