Hello Friends
  Are you ready for summer time. This card remind me of fun summer nights. Living in the country we can shoot firer works all the time so now the stand are open “well some are open year round” but we have more and more open at this time of the year and the big celebration of the 4th just in 2 weeks the show will be starting any night in the country. I love the 4th in our neighborhood it is a big competition who will put the biggest show and let me tell you we have lots and lots of kaboom none stop it is the best show in  WY for sure…. we don’t even have to drive just site out side and watch the show on the 4th we go at the neighbor for the best party and BBQ. So are YOU ready for the fun activity in 2 weeks? If you get invited to a BBQ this would be the perfect card to make for the host don’t you think? Okay enough of talking and I will post the product list and if you hop to my blog at www.frenchiestamps.com you will find the video on how to make the firer work and the firer cracker. By the way the firer works is using the Too Kind flower stamp set see the stamp are design for certain thing like this one are flowers but you sure don’t have to fallow the cover of the stamp set….. think out side the box and VOILA!

Don’t forget if you are in Cheyenne WY area the big annual sales is tomorrow June 14 form 7 am to noon. I have 6 ladies participating the price are unbelievable, trust me it’s worth the drive. Hope to see tomorrow for some HOT deal.  
Video at www.frenchiestamps.com