Hello Stampers 
Wow it’s been months since I wanted to do this video.  I been getting some recycle envelop in the mail and every time I get one I get so excited it’s so much fun to see all the design. So it is a simple project so I though it goes perfect with our Stampin’101. Many loves way to recycle and I think this is a perfect one. One thing that I would suggest is when you make some you should do a bunch at the same time so when you need a last minute envelop they are ready to go. If you are like me when it’s time to send a card I’m rushing to get it out cause I’m already late to send it so I wouldn’t take the time to make a envelop but grab one so if we make a bunch at once we have them ready to go and would us them more and more. Super simple you need a piece 8×8 of magazine, catalog, comic page, *new paper will stain your card with the black ink so I wouldn’t use the news paper but the some of the comic are okay so with the 8×8 square of any recycle paper score at 3-1/2 then follow the score guide. You will see in the video how quick it is to make and so much fun. I prefer the multipurpose glue #110755 to glue my envelop stay better then the snail. For postage treat it just like a regular envelop. Envelop punch Board is not in any of the catalog it was a add on and the # 133774 for 19.95

 Here a fun cowboy one perfect for the Wyoming Rodeo. Oh I bet Texas would love them to 🙂
Then graduation….love it when I can pick the perfect one for the occasion.

 I have lots and lots of extra catalog from year past and I’m willing to mail priority for $10.00 for 2 catalog. Plus I will cut the binding of each catalog for easy use. Each catalog are about 200 page so this would give you over 400 of fun design envelop 🙂 If you are interested in the catalog e-mail me at frenchiestamps@hotmail.com and I will send you a paypal invoice.

Cute for kids birthday 
So now you can see how fun these are to make, In the video on my blog at www.frenchiestamps.com you will find so great tip. 
Well my friends this is it for now…..till next time happy stampin’