Hello My Friends
   Okay before I get started I have to tell YOU this lovely scarecrow is not my original I saw him on pintress and face book (i saw many of them who is the original I don’t have a clue sorry)  and of course I fell in love with him so I made my own. Yes I change a few thing on him. Here what you will need: Top Note Die #113463 ne cut out in Very Vanilla card stock, one 1/2 on the long way with DSP, one 1/2 on the short way with DSP the DSP that I use is from Orchard Harvest #126895, punches Bird #117191, small oval # 120908, 1/2 circle # 119869, circle 1-1/4 (this is for the notch on top of the hat and the brim of the hat- to take out the pointy thing from the top note). The nose i just cut a triangle with the DSP Orchard Harvest. Googlies eyes # 127539. Sticky strip # 104294 (this is for the raffia)

 For the Hat you need 1/2 (little less then half) of top note in 2 different color paper and one of each side.(one on long way and one on short way) Plus you can see I sponge the hat and the top note in soft sued.

 Here you can see how I glue the raffia in the back of the hat with the sticky strip.

 Here I glue him on the Fancy Favor Box #115965 perfect for thanksgiving favor.  Most of you know that I off off from my day time job at school for the past 4 days 🙂 and I was busy in my craft room playing maybe you would call this working but for me when it come to stamping that I stamp or prepare for class it”s always fun so it’s playing. I did post a few thing on facebook during those 4 days so you can check it out HERE and if you like to have more ideas and new click the like button for the latest news. 

FYI On Mick update. The great news the pressure is coming down. Yesterday it was at 26 so about 14 to 16 more point to go down and it will be normal again. Plus no more major headache so he’s recovering pretty good. Many ask if he can see now and the answer is no and it’s for sure will be blind in the left eyes for life, to much rupture in the back and can not be fix. Right now the struggle is to keep his eye ball so he wouldn’t need a eye glass. He’s doing great with it he’s very positive and thankful that he can see from one eye. It’s always something to be thankful for, when we look around us we found many with more problem then we do have…. If we stop and have a petty party for what we lost or don’t have life will run by us and we will miss out on many lovely thing so enjoy today cause tomorrow is not a promise. *this is my new saying now Yes Enjoy today -tomorrow is not a promise! Bless you all and thank you so much for your support and prayers.

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