WHOOOOO HOOOO I finally took the time to make this ornament and made the video. I was super brave. I never made one of these before and BANG right in front of the camera for my first one of the ornament. I was so trill on how it turn out but the bad part is my darn hand is to much in the view of the camera. So I try to set up my camera on my desk for another video and yes it’s better but I can not zoom close enough so I will go to Colorado next Monday looking for a tripod for my desk. We don’t have any store here in Cheyenne with camera equipment. So I hope soon I will improve on the viewing for the video. I will post next Tuesday another video on how I made the rosette the one that I test the camera on the desk and you will see much better but I still want something for the desk.   Okay detail…..

 What you need is the Ornament Keepsakes bundle on page 3 of the Holiday catalog. Wood month #129949 Clear #129950 only one of the bundle wood month or clear month for the stamp.
Stamp 20 of 2 design ornament. I stamp the big one in Old Olive and the small one in Cherry Cobbler. Sore in 1/2 15 of each. you will see in the video what I’m talking about. 

 You build your ornament on the silicone sheet #127853 using a glue gun. The filler I use the Tulle on page 4 #127841 the color is Cherry Cobbler I cut out 5 strip of 4-1/2 inch.

 Very important when your glue your ornament together glue them on the side that is not stamp you can see here I did it wrong on 4 of them only one I did it correct but I re stamp 4 ornament to cover the back so it can be fix just take more time and card stock.

 Here you can see that I fix my booboo.

 I punch out a circle 1-3/8 to glue the ribbon in the back then I slide the ribbon in between 2 of the ornament so it hold strait and nice.

 Voila! you have a lovely ornament. The Rosette in the middle I use the Designer Rosette Die on page 194 #125594 12 inch by 1. I will have another video Tuesday for more detail on the Rosette my hand are in the way for this part. Plus I added some score on the rosette and look more detail.  I use the Vintage Faceted button for the center with a jumbo pearl.

Well my Friend enjoy and till next time Happy stampin”
To place your order 24/7 click HERE. I appreciate all of your business. 

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Designer Fabric
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