Happy Mother days to You all!
This lovely card was send to me from Brook one of my team member. I love this card and when I got that in the mail yesterday I was in AHHHH and right away I said it was the perfect card for today post for Mother Day post. Thank you Brook for this lovely card. Now let see what we are celebrating.

  WHOOOO HOOOOO Let’s celebrate! 

    Before I get started let me tell you why I’m so late today. Well yesterday I came to get my post ready and darn my internet was out plus the phone to….well we waited till about 7 pm before we call because many times the phone goes out and then an hour or two it come right back on well that was not the case. It’s still out at this time but they are here to fix it and it will take all day they told us. One of are neighbor was digging to plants some BIG trees and cut the line so now they have a big crew working on it. So maybe tonight I will be able to take care of all thing I was suppose to do last night. Okay Let’s talk about what we are celebrating today Yes Happy Mother Day to all the mom out there and more 
Here what we are celebrating
One Million Blog Hits WHOO HOOOO plus the last part of March I got the Stampin’Up! incentive trip for next year to Fiji so I feel it’s time to celebrate with blog candy.
 I will have 6 drawing next Thursday for 6 stamp sets that you can see at the bottom of this post and I will announce the winners Friday. How can you be part of the drawing very simple…I will have 4 stamp sets for order place on my web so if you place an order starting today till Thursday I will enter your name in the drawing is you place 2 order you name will be enter twice and on and on. I will have 2 stamps sets for blog comments all comment left from today till Thursday I will have 2 drawing for stamp set. So plenty of chance to win a FREE stamp set. 
Thank you all for your supports I appreciate all of YOU more then you know. Hope I have the internet soon so I can do some work later. 
Thank you again and have a great day!

FYI Update at 4 PM phone and internet is working. 🙂