Remember him from last year? OH! wait look at the bottom one what I added to him…..

 OMG This is to cool I use the Gently Falling stamp set for his mustache….How cool is that? I think the name of the stamp is the seed pod but I know it’s in the Gently Falling stamp set 🙂 Plus I gave Mr. Acorn a last name and it Mr. Byers so his full name is Mr. Acorn Byers. Why that name well my friend Kathy Byers was here for scrapbook and we were talking about how cool is that stamp set and she was telling me when she was little girl they use that for a mustache and right away I told all the group the class is over and I’m off to stamp Mr.Acorn with a mustache !!!!! Well I didn’t kick them out but first thing the next day I was making Mr. Acorn with a mustache. SO now it’s Mr. Acorn Byers. To view how to make the Acorn with the Ornament Punch Click HERE the only thing extra that I did is add the seed pod under the brad for his mustache. Hope you enjoy him as much has he make me smile. To view a scrapbook page with Mr. Acorn CLICK HERE.