OH! How fun this was to make with the Two Tag Die. Last week I started to show you some fun little creature for Easter and I got a comment from Surie that say a Little Lamb would be so cute well here it is…I love it when people put a request or give me ideas and talking about ideas well I receive a GOOD one from Candi, she told me with tinny piece it easy to pickup with a toothpick with glue on top well how it work, is take a toothpick and put a little drop of tombow glue at one end and let it dry and you have the best picker for tinny piece. You will see what I’m trying to explain in the video so Thank you to both of you for great suggestion and to everyone please feel free to put your request for thing you would like to see on a video, I can’t promise that I will do it but I sure will try. Okay to the little lamb that hold 2 Hershey’s Nugget, you will need 2 tag from the Two Tag die the one with the scallop, on punch out scallop all in white, 4 black window punch out, one small oval, boho punch. So get your punch out and come make one with me. So till next time Happy Stampin’ and Friday will be another creature but this time in Pink can you guest what it will be?