WOW I got up this morning with a award waiting for me on my blog…..This award was given to by Elin’s and I was very excited about it. Thank You so much Elin’s for this award!
In accepting this award, I am charged with two tasks. First, I must post 8 random things about myself, and I have to pass the award forward to 8 other deserving bloggers.
About me:)
1- I’m originally from New Brunswick Canada.
2- Raise on a potatoes farm without any brother but 3 sister.
3-Swear that I would not married a Fly Boy and guest what….. I did.
4- My husband and I have 2 teenager, Nika 16 and Mick 14.
5- My best body that keep me company in my craft room is my lovely Shadow (not myself but my Black Lab name Shadow)
6- I work at a elementary school Cashier/Lunch Lady 
7- I became a Stampin’Up! demo back in 2002, then I was in Murietta California.
8- I left all my family in Canada when I got married back in 1992 from there we been 4 years in Minot ND, 4 years in Pensacola FL., 3 1/2 years in Murietta CA. and now in Cheyenne WY and it will be 8 years this summer. Yes that it’s a record 8 year at the same place.

Wow I bet this is more then you wanted to know about me.

I will share this award with…..
1– Steph- She is one of my down line lady and I have to say she’s the best water color lady that I  know.
2- Holly– She’s another down line lady plus she’s the one always at my rescue when I need something.
3- Glenda- She’s a SU demo that I meet in Hawaii on a SU incentive trip and she will join us on the Alaska cruise so YES we keep in close contact:)
4-Barb- Another Wyoming SU ladies that I call my Friend since Founder this Year.
5-Mary R. A SU lady that I got to know at the Fort Collin’s regional. I love here style of card and that extra touch she always put inside them.
6-Paper Punch Addiction- A place that every day she will post punch art link LOVE IT!
7- Max– She’s my SAM at Stampin’Up! but she’s a demo to but most of all I call her my Coach/Friend.
8- Kerin– She’s a Stamping 411 operator and a Friend that I got to know a little more at the SU cruise last year.

I could go on and on but 8 it is. They are so many demo out there taking time to share what they love and that would be “Stamping”. I love to share it to but I love to get inspired by other to.
Thank you Elin’s again You made my day a happy one!