Hi Ladies,
Well once a month I do a workshop for a bunch of ladies that they call them self the “Pink Chick” and the leader of the group we call her the Queen! If you check my calender for event you will see once a month “The queen and the Princess” work shop well this past Saturday was their workshop and it happen to be the Queen the Hostess… well this is what I made for the “Queen” Hostess gift. Well it was so fun watching her when I said here the Hostess gift…A million dollar wouldn’t get more scream out of her… It is so fun to make something and give it away and they appreciated it so much…well I know that every little time that I spend making this was time well spend!

PS I saw the chick on Lynn Pratt on Stampin Connection and I turn the card into a magnet board.
Thank you Queen for a great party and great food!