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Annual Catalog 2024-2025 Designer Paper and Specialty Paper Share

It’s time to reserve your Annual Catalog 2024-2025 Designer Paper and Specialty Paper Share and Chart. All paper included in this share is from Stampin’Up!® 2024-2025 Annual Catalog. 

I also have a bonus with this share: the download of the Designer Paper Chart and the Index Card. Details of the charts and the index card are below.

I have the complete list below of what is included in this share. One hundred and five pieces of approximately  6 x 6. It is a fantastic variation of designer paper and specialty paper. It is the best way to see it all in real life. It’s like a sampler plate when you go to a restaurant, but this is a sample plate of paper and not food. 

I have the easy form below to order your share. All shares need to be ordered and paid by April 30th, 2024. So don’t miss out on this outstanding share with the chart of all new designer papers. 

What is included in the paper share?

Each piece is about 6 x 6.

2024–2026 In Color 10
Bright & Beautiful 12
Country Lace 6
Country Woods 6
Countryside Inn 6
Full of Life 12
Lily Pond Lane 12
Mediterranean Blooms 6
Naturally Gilded 3
Nature’s Sweetness 6
Oxidized Copper 2
Perennial Lavender 6
Take to the Sky 6
Thoughtful Designs 5
Thoughtful Journey 12
To Market 6
Unbounded Beauty 6
Wildly Flowering 6
Winter Meadow 6
2024–2026 In Color Glimmer 5
Gold Foil 1
Silver Foil 1
Textured Metallic 3
Wood Textured 1

***Frames & Flowers 163765 P. 29 IS NOT INCLUDED in the paper share. 3 sheets of this paper are laser cut, so it is not friendly to make it in a share equally. However it is a pack that I bet you want a full pack to yourself. I will share a video with over 24 cards with this paper pack. It is a beautiful one. 

There are 145 pieces of 6 x 6. If some Designer Paper is NOT available for the share, I will substitute it with another designer paper of equal value. As of now, it looks like all papers will be available. 

145 sheet of 6 x 6 for $39.95 plus shipping. Fill out the order form below to order your share(s).

Designer paper Chart 

The chart is NOT mailed with the paper share, but the download will be emailed to all who purchase the paper share with me. 

Here is what I love about these charts. 
When I pull out my designer paper, the chart is at the top of the pack ( I use a sleeve to store my paper; I got mine at StampNStorage. You can click here to view it or order. Each pk includes 15 sleeve pocket)

The chart is straightforward, showing all the coordination papers. I also have a little snippet of all the prints. 
The color coordination is listed on each chart, and the color cardstock is on the chart. I use the 1″ circle for the swatch of cardstock. If you don’t have the 1″ circle, you can cut the cardstock 1″ square.

January- April 2023 Designer Paper Share with Chart Download


The chart above was printed before I added the designer paper and color coordination cardstock. Therefore, your download will include each chart for the designer paper in the 2024-2025 Annual catalog. 
Here is the list of designer papers included in the download for the index card.

Bright & Beautiful 
Country Lace 
Country Woods 
Countryside Inn 
Full of Life 
Lily Pond Lane 
Mediterranean Blooms 
Nature’s Sweetness 
Perennial Lavender 
Take to the Sky
Thoughtful Designs 
Thoughtful Journey 
To Market 
Unbounded Beauty 
Wildly Flowering 
Winter Meadow 

Jan-April Spring 2024 Paper Share

Here’s a sample of the chart from the last share. I don’t have access to all the paper yet to make the sample. 

Designer paper Index Chart 

I included the index cards for the designer paper listed above in the download. The index card is about 4 ¼  x 3 ¼, and four index cards are on 8½ x 11 paper. 
Why the index card? If you choose not to make your chart, you can print the index card and slide it into your paper pack. You will have quick access to the color coordination and see a snippet of each print. See the picture below. 

January- April 2023 Designer Paper Share with Chart Download

The liquid glue tube is to show the size of the index card. The index card sample is from last year’s share. 

Jan-April Spring 2024 Paper Share

How to order and price 

Fill out the form below and indicate how many shares you want to order the share. I strongly recommend two shares because you have access to both sides. With one share, you will have to make the decisions of one side, and with two shares, you can create a project with each side. 

Starting April 17, I will send you a PayPal invoice (you don’t need a PayPal account; you can pay with a debit or credit card. Paypal processes the credit card).
The invoice is due by April 30, 2024. All shares will be ordered on May 1st and shipped to you as soon as all the paper arrives. First paid, the first to be sent. I would estimate the share to be shipped by May 12, 2024.

The price per share is $39.95, plus shipping and handling. Shipping and handling are $8.95 for up to 2 shares (if you are local, you can arrange pickup). All shipping is Priority Mail with a tracking number.
**This purchase doesn’t count for the “Frequent Buyer Program” or any other promotion. 

File the form to order your share, and please indicate how many shares you would like. 


I appreciate your support. 


Always Frenchie 

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