Tip To Organize Stampin' Blends with Labels.

Today it is all about Stampin’ Blends. I have a great Tip To Organize Stampin’ Blends with Labels. If you love to organize your Stampin’Up! product, this post is for you. 
These labels can be a bit time-consuming, but trust me, they will save you lots of time in the long run. Also, it will save the frustration of guessing what color is this one or that one. So many colors look alike on a Stampin’ blends cap, and the label will help you find the color you are looking for quickly. 

Please note that I didn’t create these labels. Sarah Berry from the UK did the hard work to create these Stampin’ Blends labels. I have the link below for her blog where she shared them. 

Tip video on how to organize the Stampin’ Blends with labels. 

In this short video, I share how I adhere the labels to the blends and tips on organizing the blends.

Frenchie’s Tip To Organize Stamping Blends with Labels

Tip To Organize Stampin' Blends with Labels.

I know we all have our way to store and organize colors but here how I store mines. 

I organize my blend by color tones. So all green together, blues together, and so on. I find this helps me when I’m looking for specific colors like red or pink. They all line up together to see which color tone I need for my projects then if they would be a mix. Alphabets don’t work for me, but I know for some that what works.
The only exception is the in-colors. I keep the in-color them at the bottom because they change quickly. Well, every other year, five colors are retired, and five new colors arrive. I don’t rearrange every time I get the in-colors, so I keep them at the bottom of my tower. 

Tip To Organize Stampin' Blends with Labels.

If you notice the picture above, all labels are with the color name on white labels. Below it is the same labels, but I color the labels with the blends, so it is easier to see the true color of the blends.
As mentioned above, so many are so close in color that it is nice to see the true color on the labels. A little more time involves coloring the labels, but I sure love seeing the true color on the labels. 

Tip To Organize Stampin' Blends with Labels.

Download the  Stampin’ Blends Labels 

As I mentioned above these labels, I didn’t create them, although Sarah  Berry from the UK did. To find the download, visit Sarah’s blog by CLICKING HERE.
Please do me a favor. If you download the labels, please leave her a comment on her blog to thanks her. I know this was a lot of work, and I surely don’t want the credit for them, but Sarah should get all the thank YOU!. 

I used a 3/8 circle punch (I got mine at Amazon) to punch out the labels. If you have the Gingerbread punch, the circle in that punch will work. 

Stampin’ Blends Storage 

My tower for the blends is from Stamp & Storage. I had this tower before Stampin’Up! Offer their Stampin’ Blends storage. The beauty of Stampin’Up! Storage you can make a tower, as tall that you want or you can have them on the long way, the choice is yours.

Storage by Stampin'Up! Storage for New ink pad, stampin' Blends and open cube. Available to purchase at frenchiestamps.com

An easy solution to store your Stampin’ Blends.
Each of the Stampin’ Blends Storage Trays stores 6 Stampin’ Blends markers. 

* 5 white plastic craft storage trays (total of 30 blends
* Silicone feet keep trays from slipping
* Size 5″ x 5″ x 7/8″
* Lids sold separately

Also, in the list, I have the glue dots. The glue dot is the best to adhere the labels to the cap of the Stampin’ blends. 

To order, click on the image below. 

Stampin’ Blends In 38 Colors 

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Tip To Organize Stamping Blends with Labels