Tip for the new Paper Trimmer by Stampin'Up!

Hello Friends, 
The wait is over for the new paper trimmer. Now you can order the paper trimmer. I have many tips and you can see it in action in today video. 

You can fin the tip video below in the is post or on my YouTube channel

Detail about the paper trimmer 

  • Item: 152392 | $25.00
  • 15-3/8 x 8 x 1/2”
  • Includes 1 cutting blade and 1 scoring blade.
  • Includes imperial and metric measurements.
  • Ruler and grid protected by durable plastic cover.
  • Point on cutting handle for precise measuring.
  • Right-side grid for cutting thin strips. 

Tip for the new Paper Trimmer by Stampin'Up!

My view 

In the video I share tips and share what I discover with this paper trimmer. Note that this is very new so I am sure I will discover more awesome tips with this trimmer after using day after days. As I discover more tips I will share along the way with you all.  
One thing from the first go that I notice is how smooth and clean it cut. The blade is very deep so I am sure with the size of the blades, we’ll have lots of cut out of one blades. Please do NOT press hard when sliding your cutting blade. You just need to glide the blade. 
Know that in the video I remove the plastic cover. I suggest NOT to remove it till yours is scratch or torn. It will NOT affect the way you cut your paper. The plastic protection cover doesn’t cover the cutting track so you are safe to keep it on the trimmer. 

Scoring blade 

The scoring blade-tool on this trimmer is awesome. It is a rolling disc so it will not perforated in the paper. The scoring leave a nice clean score line. Plus it slide very smooth. 

Extra blades 

Stamin’up! choose to release the trimmer NOW but note that the extra blade due to inventory. The blades will be available in January 2020.
The trimmer arrived in the warehouse but now the overstock of the blades. They are confidence that this blade will last most crafter till January till the new blades arrive.  
If you ask me how long a blade will last, well it is no answer to that question. All depend how much you use it and what kind of paper you cut. If you cut lots of glimmer paper well we all know, that dull the blade faster.
In my case I been using the same blade for about a month and it still cut like a new blade. I personally use the trimmer daily and not just for one card per day so YES I use it lots and it still cut smooth.
It is to new to have more detail but I can say with confidence that I love the smooth cut of this paper trimmer.  

Tip Video 

One click to order the paper trimmer 

To order the paper trimmer just click on the image below. 

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