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   Just popping in to let you know that NOW you can reserve your Stamparatus. 
Here the detail from the home office at Stampin’Up! 
All Great NEWS 
The results are in! The first Stamparatus reservation window reached its maximum number of reservations in just 15 minutes, which provided us with some very important information: You LOVE this new stamping tool! We couldn’t be more thrilled; in fact, your response was so amazing that we’ve decided to make some important adjustments to the reservation process.
As was previously announced, the second reservation window will remain open from December 5–30; however, during this reservation period we will take as many orders as we receive (yay!) and not close the window until December 30. So whether the total number of reservations is 100 or 100,000, the window will stay open!
Please note the following changes:
  • Beginning March 19, we will ship Stamparatuses in the order the reservations were received (first in, first out) and continue through the next few months and beyond as product arrives in our warehouse. Because shipment dates are based on manufacturing lead times, not all of the reservations made during the December 5–30 window will ship on March 19 (as was previously announced).
  • In order to accommodate demand, limits have changed as follows: one reservation per customer and one per demonstrator.
  • Because we are not limiting the maximum number of reservations for the second window, we will not offer a third window. This is the last chance for you and your customers to reserve a Stamparatus before it becomes available in the 2018-2019 annual catalog.
CLICK HERE to reserve your tool 
  • ***You will need to sign in into your account just like you place an online order then you will see the Stamparatus reservation. If you do NOT have a account you will need to have an account so just fill out all the info. 
  • After you enter all the info you will get notified soon it arrive at the warehouse, then you will complete your order and be one of the first to have your hand on it. Plus if you reserve now you should get it during sale a bration and with just a little add on into that order you will qualified for a sale a bration product. Make sure YOU do not remove the stamparatus from your cart when you get the notification, we can not add it again if you delete from your cart. 
  • This tool will be release in the NEW catalog in June 2018 but we can have it before if we choose to pre order NOW. 
  • Price is $49 USA 
  •  Yes you will enter your credit card but it will NOT be charge till we have the product to ship to YOU. 
  • You will revive a e-mail when it is ready to be ship and complete your order (at that time you can add to your shopping bag) ***Make sure that you have the correct e mail into your account the account is the one that you use when you shop with me online. 


How did they come up with the name Stamparatus?

Stamp: To impress a pattern or mark (especially an official one) on a surface, object, or document using an engraved or inked block or die or other instrument 
Apparatus: The technical equipment or machinery needed for a particular activity or purpose 
Stamp + Apparatus = Stamparatus

Just a little FYI 

Why do YOU need one? You’ll fall in love with stamping all over again when you learn everything you can do with it!
  • Make multiples with ease
  • Consistently stamp crisp, clean images
  • If you want a darker impression, apply more ink and restamp—no need to start over
  • Make fewer mistakes, saving time and money
  • Easily create 2-step, 3-step, and 4-step stamped images using reversible plates
  • Develop new and specialized stamping techniques with adjustable stamping plates and precision placement
  • Also for people with Arthritis this will be a great tool cause you can stamp without holding the block.  

More detail of the Stamparatus
  • Compatible with Stampin’ Up!’s red rubber and photopolymer stamp
  • Foam mat to use with photopolymer stamps
  • Rulers and gridlines for quick measuring
  • 2 open sides so you can stamp on larger paper
  • 2 reversible plates: a total of 4 surfaces to work with
  • 2 magnets to hold the paper in place
  • Magnet storage areas
  • Retail Price–$49.00 USD
Any question feel free to contact me 
Have a lovely day!

Have a lovely day!