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  A little different post for my follower today. I share more on my adventure on Facebook cause it is quick to just post a quick picture but I thought some on my follower would love to see some of my fall adventure. *It was LOTS of adventure this fall. 
Remember when I am away my business is NOT on vacation 🙂 I schedule all in advance so all stay in motion. 

 The first series of picture is last week visiting Nika in Washington first time since we moved her there in Aug 2016 so I would say this moma was over due to go visit her and see where she attend school and such. 
She had the week of Thanksgiving off so we did a little road trip over 11 hundred miles of driving and even it was raining most of the time it was AMAZING. We stop at the Palouse Fall State Park not to fare from where she live and WOW that was amazing view and a great hike. Then off the Oregon side Historic Route 30 great drive and beautiful view. All the falls that we wanted to stop by the road was close due to the fires this summer Nika was disappointed that she couldn’t stop by so I could see them and I told her don’t worry it is just a excuse for me to come again plus her dad want to see them also. Then off to the coast of Oregon BEAUTIFUL rain and shine it is beautiful. Last part was just off the beach we stop at Fort Stevens that was a big fort with lost of history and even manage to spook our self a few time at the fort 🙂 It was a amazing trip and so much fun to have a week with her and Thanksgiving feast at her place. 
Lots of memories for sure.  

Had to share this lovely outfit of ours. Yes we wear the rain outfit LOTS like I said rain or shine it was beautiful and when you have a limit time of vacation you make the best of the situation well we sure did 🙂 

 Also this fall Brett and I did a few road trip just over night with the little camper such a fun ride and I am sure lots more of over night road trip in the future. Like you can see I can work while traveling another reason why I love my job so much, it can follow me where ever I go. 
This was the Hamilton Preserve Pool  not to fare from Austin TX Beautiful. Picture are no justice. 

Also this fall I when to see Mick that was a quick trip I left on Saturday morning and was back in Texas Monday afternoon. These quick trip, I call them a trip without potty break HAHA but at lease I got to see little bird *Mick I can’t believe we didn’t take picture this was a picture when we facetime Nika we even play cards on facetime 🙂  
Life is short they say so make the most out of it while you can well I sure try my best to make each day the best out of them. 
Now I have to say it is office time for some long hours so I can catch up so I can have more time with family during the holidays so the saying “Work hard and play hard” that is my thing these days and I LOVE IT. 

Well my friends that is a little of some of the adventure of this fall. 
Till next time Happy stamping and enjoy today tomorrow is not a promise. 

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Have a lovely day!

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