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  Are you ready for a great blog hop? This month it is Simple box card well I did this in the past and I call it Surprise Card because I added a little pop up so it kind of jump at you when you open it it so SURPRISE! I have all measurement and supplies list below and 
I have the video from 2011 for you that you can find at the bottom of my blog post today on my blog HERE. ***If you are getting my post by e mail some server will NOT include the video so make sure to visit my blog to get all detail or you can always fin my video on my You Tube Channel.

-Designer Paper Falling in Love  8 1/2 by 11 *if it is a pattern that have letter or shape that you need to keep in the correct direction have the print facing you cut at 11 then side at 8½ I have a picture at the bottom to show you with print. I cut on the wrong way so my hearts are going on the wrong direction  so learn from my mistake. *paper 11″ at the top of score board  score at 1 1/4 and 3 3/8 and flip the paper and do the same at the other end still 11″ at the top. 

*8½ at top score at 2 1/8 and 6 3/8
Now that you have the paper ready view the video to see hove to fold this is a NO glue box card. 
-Sahara Sand Belly band 9½ x 1½
-Very Vanilla 4 x 9½ score at 4 and 8 *inside card with tea bag Fold the 1½ strip at the bottom inside for the pocket to hold the tea bag I use a glue dot in each corner to keep the pocket secure. 
-Heavy White card stock 4½ x ½ score at ½ and 3¾ *this is the piece that will flip up for the greeting on the decorative Label Note that I shorten the one from the original video but adhere the same way. 

One a glue bot at each corner to make the pocket for the tea bag. 

To adhere the hear into the belly I only place a glue dots on the back of  both of the big flower. 

Now time to hop around the globe and see all the lovely creation ENJOY and have a lovely day!
Blog Hop Order
1. Patrice Halliday-Larsen (New Zealand) 
2. Monica Gale (UK)
3. Tanja Kolar (Germany)
4. Martha Inchley (Canada)
5. Shannean Moncrieff (Australia) 
6. Aude Barbara (France)
7. Miranda Mols-Heidenrath (Netherlands) 
8. Astrid Hofmann (Austria) 
9. France Martin (USA) YOU are HERE 
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