Hello Friends 
  **Warning long post today. 
What a surprise I got in the mail a few weeks ago. Got a card from Sara Douglas CEO of Stampin’Up! and one from Rich Jutkins the President of Stampin’Up! just to say they are thinking of me and praying for Nika. I was shock to get a card from them 2 I know they are busy and for them to take the time to send me a card it made me realize that I work for a company that care about their demo and the people that work for them.  Thank you Sara and Rich, 
Well now it is time to give a update on Nika if you not sure what I am talking about it’s about when I was on the incentive trip/cruise with Stamin’Up! in the Mediterranean at the end of May Nika my daughter fracture 2 bones in her arm on the first day at port in Italy so long story short we had to come back in the United States for her to get surgery so we miss most of the cruise. Nika is doing great she got 2 plates with 6 screw in each bone so total of 12 screws and 2 plates. The healing is amazing just saw her last weekend and it look great, stitches are out and both incisions look great, she have to do therapy to get all the full motion but the Doc say it all should be OKAY in about 6 week. She is going again next week to see him so will get more info on the progress but so far so good. 
Many ask me why no cast well the cast would be just to protect her from hitting it on object, the plates and the screw that is what hold her bones in place now plus this way the incision can heal better. She been back at work on light duty but now she is doing more and more with one arm.  ***Many will say she shouldn’t work the Doc said it is perfectly okay the more she move that arm the quicker it will heal and get the motion again, she can not lift more then a bottle of water with that hand but she got her right hand that is in good shape. She is a strong little one plus she is determine to heal before she start vet school in the fall. She told me to say “THANK YOU” to all who send her get well cards, those card sure brighten her days. I always say a card is so powerful it is just paper but it make a big impact. 

The top card was from Sara and I will list all supplies at the bottom and the bottom card is from Rich, the card was from a past kit and for the life of me I can NOT remember the name of the kit sorry. Taking about Rich I can NOT thanks that men enough when all this happen we were in Pompeii Italy and I didn’t have a phone with me but I wanted to connect with someone with Stampin’Up! to let them know that we were going to the hospital and so on well I sported Rich in the crowd and that men let me have is phone so I can keep in touch with them….. I could write a book about that day but will keep it short but one more Thank YOU to Glenda and Bill Calkins “the stamp camp” OH how they help us that day sometime we think it just rubber stamp well trust me it is more then rubber stamp, I met Glenda and Bill on my first incentive trip and always stay in touch and became very good friend and the husband are perfect travel buddies while Glenda and I do are own ‘stuff” stamping and such………. Yes it is more then Rubber Stamp 

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Now here Sara card supplies list 

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