Hello Friends 
  Today is part 2 for Spotlight on Frenchie’s team with the Perfectly Artistic Designer Paper. If you miss part 1 click here to view. I always love to share their work it is amazing to see all the variation with the same paper. 
This paper is part of the sale a Bration product that you can get for FREE, for every $50 before tax and shipping you get to choose one of the Sale a Bration product, if you didn’t see all the sale a bration product CLICK HERE to view and note that from page 16 to 19 these product are limited time so only available til Feb 15 this is this Monday so only this weekend to get this paper. I love our team and you know it’s never to late to jump on board with us, now you can for $99 you get to choose $155 of you choice of Stampin’Up! product more detail at the bottom
Well my friends I will leave you will there lovely creation done with the Perfectly Artistic paper.

Have a great weekend 
Top Card made by Cynthia 

 Made by Steph B

 Made by Jill D

 Made by Char S

 Made by Steph S

 Made by Estie J

made by Margo P

Click on the picture for question and answer. Please feel free to e mail me at frenchiestamps@hotmail.com if you have any question would love to have join our big stamping Family!

Update about Periscope 
many ask me if I’m stopping the you tube video now that I’m doing Periscope and the answer is NO I still gonna do You Tube not taking anything off just adding to video and why Periscope well it is quick and a great place to interact with the viewer. I did a few yest yesterday but note the are only available for 24 hours so one I did around 10 am and the other one around 3 pm so if you try to watch then and nothing is there it pass the 24 hours. 
Click HERE to view before 10 am 
CLICK HERE to view before 3 PM 
WARNING it is very shaky my thingy to hold my phone is not in yet I was just testing how this work so please note it will get better this was only for testing 🙂 
If you miss what is Periscope here what I post last Thursday 

Have you heard of the app called Periscope? It’s a new way to share live stamping and info
I will be using this app to share extra live stamping and just to hang out with whoever want to visit time to time. This is a quick way to answer question and to know you a little more and you will know me a little more……
How do you get Periscope?
On your smart phone or tablet, open up the app store where you can download the Periscope app.
Once it is downloaded, you’ll have to log in with your Twitter account or phone number for the first time using Periscope.
Make sure to enable notifications, the camera, and your microphone too.
Then, search for frenchiestamps in the search tab and follow me!
You downloaded Periscope. Now what happens?

Now that you’re subscribed to our channel, you’ll get notifications on your phone when we’re about to broadcast live.
You’ll be able to interact with me while I’m live broadcast if you tap on the Say Something box to send us a message and I will see it and can answer question on the spot. If you double tap the screen you’ll be able to send “hearts” just to say you LOVE what I’m sharing!
Another great feature is that you’ll be able to watch the video streams for 24 hours after they’re created. That way, if you miss some of the footage from me, you can come back later and watch it!
Hope you will join this fun app to have some fun with ME Frenchie

Save the date Feb 16, 2016 at 6:30 mountain time will be live on You Tube to demo how simple to make some inchie frame for 3 size frame and one start to finish. Detail to log in on the 16 save the time and date now Its a stamping date with Frenchie and Holly!
 THIS WILL BE ON YOU TUBE link will be on my blog Tuesday 

Have a great weekend