Hello Friends 
  Already another month that creep up on me, I just can’t believe that it’s already November before we know we’ll be in a new year. The past few months are just a blur for me but that is part of my journey. The great news is that most of the box are all unpack and put away. House is not decorated yet but getting there. Brett starting the painting we didn’t plan on painting the entire house cause the pain was only a year old but when the previous owner moved out they took all the nail/hook from picture and such out of the wall and patch all the little holds so now we have all the white spot of potty so yes the painting is a must but it is okay it will all fresh for us so the decor will have to wait a little longer. Tomorrow I will share picture of the craft room and soon I have all the “nick nack ” on the wall will shot a video to show it all off. 
Okay back to business today share is the projects for my customers appreciation for this month. It’s all about Christmas ornament it could be use for gift tag/topper instead of a bow. The PDF come with all 4 video with great tips. In the PDF you will get instruction for theone with 5 side, 4 side, 3 side plus the floater.  How can you get the PDF place online order by clicking here of $25.00 of more before tax and shipping with hostess code U23F4NKA and I will send you the PDF via e mail normally I send the PDF in less then 24 hours but please note if you place an order in the next few days the PDF will only be send Wednesday or Thursday I have to finish the PDF, the video are all done but need to attach all in PDF and finish the last touch. 
I will list all the supplies that I use for all 4 ornament at the bottom any question please feel free to e mail me at [email protected] or call me at this new number 936-646-2070
Thank YOU so much for your support. 

Silver delicate 5 side 

Gold Delicate 4 side 

Peaceful Pine 3 side 

Floating Snowflake 

PS now that my craft room is all organize you can order class in the mail Detail for all class in the mail available CLICK HERE

FYI today is the last day to get enter in the Blog candy that I announce Sat detail CLICK HERE 
Thank YOU so much for your support