Good morning Friends 
   Today I will launch the catalog live, I will have lots of great tips, showcase some new products, stamps and much more that I’m sure you don’t want to miss out on this even that will start at 10AM mountain time. This lovely card tin is one of the new product that I will showcase but it is lots more that I will share. I will have lots of cards to giveaway so you can fill your tin to the max. I’m so excited with all the new product and want to share so much with you that I’m sure I will be live for a full hour and maybe a little more. Please note that when I’m excited I talk super fast I will try to slow down but I warn you I’M EXCITED and hope you can join me. I know many will ask is this recorded and the answer is NO sorry. 
To log in at 10 am CLICK HERE if for some reason we have a problem I will update this post so you can check my blog for update if we encounter problem but so far I think I have it all set ready to launch.
See the stash of cards that I have ready to send you! Today hostess code is  DP2V6CHU  Order of 25.00 or more before tax and shipping will get the PDF of this month project picture at the bottom and for every 35.00 you will get 8 hand made cards and the PDF of this month project. 
 EX: if your order is 70.00 before tax and shipping you will get 16 cards no limits on the cards I’m stock up. These cards are all my favorites card that I was saving for my personal use, well like you can see I have way to many these are just 2 of the box I have a few more box so time to give some away.

 Stampin’Up! video of the lovely Tin with cards

 Here the time zone map please note that Arizona don’t change time so for all in AZ it will be 9am for you even if the map say 10 am.

Need a list of all the Bundle at 15% off CLICK HERE for the list and you can print it to keep in your catalog

June Free PDF Project  instruction with a $25.00 or more on online order on my site HERE when you enter the hostess code FGXADWTR( not valid with purchase of Class in the mail)  if your order is over 150.00 DO NOT enter the code and I will still send you the PDF this way you will get the rewards. *this month  pdf tote/Bag for full size “A-2 Cards). The PDF is send via e mail. *if you join my team this month I will send you the PDF 🙂

Thank YOU all for your support