Good Day my Friends 
   Deja vu? Partial yes and Partial no 🙂 Last week I show the card without the greeting. I had a bunch made and the more I was looking at it the more that I felt it was missing something so I start looking at my stamp and BANG this new set that I just got this summer was staring at me 🙂 so I stamp the Hello and WOW that was exactly what it was missing a short greeting. I love that set “Hi there!” a set of 4 short greeting so this wil go for many occasion and perfect for sending my Thank YOU note for web order. What do you like better the Lost Lagoon flower and greeting or the Hello Honey. I sure do love this card again not much to it but I kinda love simple yest bling, layers are nice but simple is wonderful 🙂 and so easy to do many of them
Well this is it for today and now time for church then I will be shooting video most of the afternoon so when I’m gone I still can keep you entertain HA I’m enjoying the summer so much this year but like they say play hard and work hard so this weekend is work hard and then Wednesday I’m leaving for convention so it will be play hard 🙂 Thank YOU so much for your support.