Hello Stampers 
  Quick note card for today. These are not even card they are one piece of card stock not fold just plain. Many time I send thing in the mail and I write on post-it note well I wanted something stamp so I decided to make a bunch of them so I can have them ready to go when I need to send a note or leave a note on the counter for my family. You can keep some at your desk at work, home and when you have to leave a note to someone write in the back of them. I bet the note will be appreciated even if you write “Don’t forget to go to the recycle, or empty the dish wash….. they will appreciated the love that was put in that note. It can even be a note to some one at work, kids …just to tell them “Have a great day!” Don’t you think these little 4×4 and some are 3×3 are perfect for quick notes. This is quick and easy but if you don’t make them in advance you will not have the time to stamp them when you need to write a quick note, well I know I don’t have time to stamp for last minute note so now I want to stamp a few more batch so I have some on hand, I did 36 last week and I’m down to 2 so I will make more this week. If you use the 12 x 12 paper it will be very quick to cut 4×4 out of the 12 x12 give you 9 or the 3×3 give you 16 and NO wast in the paper. I love it when I cut card stock and I don’t have any wast. I know many say they don’t buy the 12 x 12 but sometime you would save much many on card stock with the 12 x 12 depend on the size you need. Quick and simple is great and you still show your creation and love. 
Well my friends this is it for today and I will be back tomorrwo for a lovely Masculine Monday 
Have a great Sunday.