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   Well It is spring on the calendar not for some if they look outside but the calendar say it is Spring. Time to get the flowers in and out even if the weather is blahhhh it’s blooming time in the craft room.  I had plan to do video yesterday well I didn’t get around it…it was one of those day that not much got done all little thing but not that much that I accomplish,  sure hope tomorrow is a better day with the creation. So I look at what video I have done and NOT posted yet well this was one, the Burlap Wreath dang it was done in December you will see my blah red tip on my nails glade that is gone. 
This Burlap and Blooms Wreath Kit is a great kit everything that you need is included *well you’ll need some glue all that you see in the picture it is included for only $17.95 you have a great Spring/summer decoration. The wreath kit is #133333 for only $17.95 and I would recommend the Silicone craft sheet #127853 for this project. When you use your glue gun if you have a low and high setting, set it on the low it will dry way faster and much easier to use for the flowers.  Well my friends this is it for today video and don’t forget NEW Deal of the Week starting today to view CLICK HERE.
Have a great day!

To view the video visit my blog at www.frenchiestamps.com 

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