Good Morning
    Today Stampin’ 101 All about Stampin’ Wheel. You will see in my video *on my blog at all the basic on the 3 size of the Stampin’ Wheel. I have to say that my wheel are store in my cabinet so I tend to forget about them but when I use them I love them…I prefer the Big one love it for background or perect for a boarder. Here are the supplies that goes white the wheel

  • The wheels are here and there in the catalog here are all the page that you can fin wheels page, 11,15,35,40,49,59,70,82,87,88,90,98,100,103,104,112,115,116,133
  • Handel: Standard #102971, Jumbo #103661
  • Uninked Cartridge: Standard #101529, Jumbo #103678, Triple Cell #121206 
  • Builder Wheel Spindle and Spacer #119895 

Now with Christmas just around the corner wheel are great for quick gift bag. Like I said I forget about my wheel cuz they are not at my view but sure love to use them when I do 🙂
Well this is it for this Stampin 101. Have a great day. 

If you miss my second post of yesterday of the Deal of the Week. You can see all items in the picture above. To order or view close up CLICK HERE.  Plus if you miss the new info on the Mystery Host CLICK HERE. As of yesterday the mystery host is up top 65.00 and we still have over a week to get enter so this will be a great shopping spree for the winner. Good Luck to all who shop with me. Don’t forget free gift from me till Nov. 10th 🙂 To view the gift CLICK HERE
Have a great day you all 

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