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   Yesterday I told you about the challenge I do with my team. All info can be view HERE. Today share are part of the challenge cards that some of my team member did with the challenge. This past month I send them a piece of SDSP More Amore #120309 and some Flower Trim #126869 and they had to make a card using what I send plus some of their own supplies. It’s so fun to see what they all created with the same basic supplies. This Challenge thing that we do is so much fun and a great way to see all the different way we can use the same product. The challenge is always optional for the team member but I’m getting more and more participant and they all enjoy this challenge. Still have plenty of room for new member I added the frequent ask question and answer at the bottom if you are thinking of joining Frenchie team but always feel free to contact me. I will post more of cards this week, this is about half of the challenge cards from last night, all these are from my long distance team member. So yes YOU can join from any where in the US.  Thank YOU to all who participate and thank YOU to all my team member to make our team a great one. Top card made by Crystal E.

 Made by Tracey W.

 Made by Maxine L

 Made by Lisa F

 Made by Marilyn U

 Made by Liz P.

 Made by Sandra M

Made by Sheila B.
Made by Nicole D. 
Lets give them a big round of applause!!!!!!!
Now if you join my team during Sale a Bration YOU PICK Product up to 156.50 this is 25% more then before again this 25% extra is to celebrate Stampin’Up! anniversary.  Here the most question that people ask me ONLY pay 99.00 and get product for 156.50 FREE Shipping.
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
(Join my team)

·        What am I getting for my $99.00?

o   156.50 in merchandise of your choice from any of the active catalogs this amount is only till March 22nd 2013 after that it’s 125.00 if merchandise
o   No shipping charges, you only pay tax

·        Stay Active or Not?

o   $300 is all it takes to stay active on a calendar quarter
§  Ie: if you sign up today, this quarter does not count.  Your first quarter does not end until 6/30/2013.

·        Do I have to host workshops?

o   No you do not have to host workshops

·        Do I have to sell to other people?

o   No you do not have to sell to other people, you can be your own best customer

·        What is my discount?

o   Always starts at 20% and can be as high as 40%
o   If you place an order during your first 45 days after signing up you will get an additional 10% discount on order of $150.00 or more

·        New products

o   Be the first to try new products in the new catalogs.
o   You can pre-order from the new catalogs and occasion catalog one month in advance

·        Hostess Benefits

o   If your order qualifies for hostess benefits, you will receive them in addition to your 20% discount

·        Business or Hobby?

o   that decision is entirely up to you.
o   A great way to make additional income doing what you love

·        What if I do not meet the quarterly minimum?

o   You will be dropped as a demonstrator and you become my customer again
o   The merchandise is yours to keep!

·        Were you a demonstator and want to re-join Stamping Up!

o   If you were a demonstrator under me and dropped you may rejoin my team immediately.
o   If you were a demonstrator under another upline and want to join my team you will need to wait 90 days after you dropped. So if you became inactive last July you can join NOW.

·        Optional additions

o   Monthly meetings, if you are out of town minutes are emailed to you
o   Monthly challenge: I will provide you with an item from the catalog to make a card
o   Quarterly swap: you make 12 cards and get 12 cards in return
o   I am here for you….phone calls are returned within 24 hours 

 Please e-mail me or call if you have any question. It would be my pleasure to answer them and work with YOU. If you are ready to join just CLICK HERE then on the left side click on the Join NOW. I would love you have many many more on my team.

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