Hello Y’all 
WHOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO Can you hear me me squealing all the way to your house. I’m so excited off for 5 days and my little daughter is here for those 5 days. Lots in plan cooking the big meal but just the 2 of us, the boys are in North Dakota hunting (this is a tradition for the pass 6 plus year that the boy take advantage of this time off to get some hunting done.) so it’s just Nika and I but we still have the big meal after volunteer at the Salvation Army to serve lunch there. For me Thanksgiving is not a big deal cause back home in Canada we didn’t do a big thing like here at our Thanksgiving in October it was harvest time we spend that day in the field don’t get me wrong we are still thankful for many many thing it’s just it was a not a big deal like here plus we don’t have a black Friday but we have boxing day the day after Christmas that it’s just like black Friday here with all the great deal of the left over from Christmas so we shop a year in advance HA. So back to my 5 days off spending time with Nika in the kitchen, backing, getting the Christmas decoration out and up I hope and yes we’ll do a little shopping but I’m sure after one hour, two max we’ll look at each other and say breakfast time and let’s go home. She is not a big shopper and me well I really dislike  shopping and black Friday is even worst with the crowd. I know I will find time to stamp I have Holly and Lynne coming over Friday night to mega stamp I have lots of Christmas give that I want to make I will share with you all soon. Okay now you know me plan so let me tell you about my card today. I use the single stamp Bold Snowflake #132338 for only 5.95 simple but nice it goes perfect with the punch Blossom #125603. The Color that I use are Night Quit of Navy and lots and lots of Dazzling Diamond. Well my friends this is it for now and I be back for a quick up date tomorrow Have a great day and if you traveling save travel. 
PS Many ask for the bread pudding recipe well check the post of yesterday I updated it with the recipe plus the caramel sauce to put on it 🙂 
 Exciting NEWS!!!!! Mick blood is almost all clear up and he will get lens for is left eye and that will give him more Peripheral vision. The front will not change the Retina is crack/shaddered so no vision in the front but he will have about 20/50 on side vision. This is the power of prayers Thank YOU Y’All! I’m very Thankful for all of you that support us during this time. Enjoy today tomorrow is not a promise.
I’m so excited with Mick NEWS and so grateful for all of you with support and prayer that I will give free shipping on the dauber case here the info This free shipping is now till Sat. Nove 24-12 
For sale Sponge Daubers with Case
  the Sponge Daubers and the case I will have this kit for sale for $50.00 plus $5.50 for shipping FREE SHIPPING NOW TILL NOV. 24-12  What the kit include is: the case, 40 sponge daubers, insert with 40 Stampin’Up! color for the top and bottom so you know where the sponge should go PLUS 40 labels for each dauber. If you are interested please E-mail me and I will send you a paypal invoice. I have the kit available in the INCOLOR to so you would get the 15 labels for the past years and this year in color and 25 blank for the up coming year yes it’s still come with the map. 

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