Good day Y’all
Do you have your cup of tea or coffee with you? You will need it this post is kinda of long but all important info. I have the try all decorated with the Fan Fair DSP and yes you will get everything to make this if you join my team before Sunday Sept. 16. Stampin’Up! will send you the try with the Halloween insert, stamp set… and I will send you the Fan Fair insert with all the cut out to make the try in other season then Halloween if you don’t like the Halloween one. Many told me they don’t decorate for Halloween well I took care of that. It is super easy to switch from one season to another one. If you use temporary glue you can switch the inset so you can keep the lovely tray year round. Plus I have all the info on the ribbon share. I mail round one yesterday and now I started to take name for round 2 so if you are interested e-mail me. When I reach a group of 5 I will send you the invoice. 
Okay about today share it’s a broach using Stampin’Up! tulle. We did some for the my team that came to regional this past weekend and it was a big hit so I made the video for the full broach with out the big flower in the center. You will need 50 inch of tulle on page 4 of the Holiday catalog in come in 3 colors I use the Cherry Cobbler, sticky round #127853 and a 2-1/2 circle cut out of card stock. Very simple just get your supply ready and come make one with me while watching the video.

 Here one very simple you can add more picture of whatever you would like for more decor. I use the Elegant Butterfly punch and sritz it with some Champagne Mist and did a crunch flower  a few clips for picture.

 This one is more winter with snow flack and heart. Yes snow flack with heart… valentines is in the winter so I think the 2 goes perfect together. This is my favorite one for sure. I only swith the DSP in the left bottom corner all the same then the ope one just switch the little punch out.

   This in the one that Stampin’Up! will send but it is not assemble so you can make it the way you want to. Join my team and you will get it all.

Extended till Sept 15 2012
See how easy it is to change the season on this tray. 
Join My Team/ Stampin’Up! and get this lovely Howl-o-ween Project Kit for FREE plus I will send you 2 extra kit insert -one for winter and one for everyday. So when you assemble your lovely try us temporary glue so you can change your insert to other occasion. The 2 extra insert are exclusive from ME. so a gift to you from ME
Only 99.00 to join and you pick up to $125.00 of merchandise of your choice. 

  • 20% off of your Stampin’Up! purchase 
  • No string attach if after you sign on and decide this is not for you ,you keep all your goodies and no question ask 
  • This promotion is from Aug. 1st to the 31st
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  • If your wish list is over 100.00 this is the best deal you can get no shipping on the starter kit you only pay 99 and you pick up to 125.

I would love to have you in my team! if you have any question please call me at 307-778-3662 or e-mail me at I would love to answer all of your question and help you getting started….


All the Ribbon share all in one.
Here the detail. You will get 126 yard of ribbon. Yes one hundred twenty six yards. This will include all the ribbon on page 172 and 173 of the big catalog (please note the backer twine and linen thread are not part of the share) plus 2 of the Holiday Catalog  *HC here the list of all the ribbon you can view the color in the catalog and it will be 2 year of each ribbon in each color

  •  7/8 cotton ribbon  *HC page 20 
  • 1/2″ striped Satin *HC page 26
  • 8 colors of 1/2″ Seam Binding 
  • 10 colors 1/2″ Scallop Dots
  • 10 colors 1/8 Taffeta
  • 5 colors 3/8″ Stitched Satin 
  • 5 colors 3/8″ Ruffled 
  • 3/8 Denim Jean- Blue
  • 10 colors 3/8 Taffeta 
  • 10 colors 1/4 Grosgrain 
  • Crochet Trim 
  • 5/8 Organza

That is a total of 63 ribbon at 2 year each. The fee for this share is 93.00 plus 5.00 priority shipping I offer a discount of 10.00 if we fill this share in Sept. with the Spool promotion I will share the discount so the total for the 126 year of ribbon is 83.00 plus shipping. I need a group of 5 to make this swap happen. Send me a e-mail if you are interested and when I reach a total of 5, I will send you a paypal invoice.  If you were to by each  spool of ribbon it would coast you over 450 plus the tax and shipping so this is the best way to get all the ribbon in the catalog. 🙂  All ribbon will be package in like the picture function run_pinmarklet1() { var e=document.createElement(‘script’); e.setAttribute(‘type’,’text/javascript’); e.setAttribute(‘charset’,’UTF-8′); e.setAttribute(‘src’,’’+Math.random()*99999999); document.body.appendChild(e); } var flike = { url : “”, buttonType : “standard”, width : “450”, height : “25”, showFaces : “false” }