Hello my friends
    OH! Boy what to say?….. Most of you know about Mick accident at tennis last week and that yesterday was the big appointment in Colorado with a super good specialist for the Retina of is eyes. Well the new is not what we wanted. They confirm that Mick Choroidal is rupture and the back of his eye is way to much shattered to be fix plus the rupture of the Choroildal can NOT be fix. So in a short note Mick lost is vision in the left eye. I know many of you join me in prayers but our prayers didn’t get answer for what we pray for but do not loos faith God has a plan for him. Our plan and his plan are not the same at this point but I’m sure with all faith Mick will be Okay. Right now it’s hard to think about this but we have to trust God plan for all of us. Thank you all for your support and thank you for keeping Mick in your prayers. Many ask how is he doing with all this….well so far he said what is done is done so why should I be mad or “pist” it will not change nothing so I will learn to do everything with one eye….Good of him and I sure hope he keep this attitude. Keep praying for him so he can adjust to his new adventure, accept the challenge plus to find strength. Thank you again and Now back to business
   I know many ask how can I post every day and keep on crafting with all is going on here. Well to be honest with you all , I could sit and cry and ask why and why….would that change anything NO and for me when I make cards it my way of forgetting what is bugging me or to focus on what I can do better to help my family it’s just like me quit time. Between walking and making cards that’s my 2 thing that I can relax and focus.
So enough said of me now here the card that I did for Mick Monday when I stay home from work to bring him to a Doctor appointment and take card of him. While he took a nap I wanted to make him a card to cheer him up. Well I got myself a IPad at the end of August and he bug me over and over to download the Angry Bird game so I wanted to tell him he can download the game when he can play on the IPad again. (not for a while till he adjust to one eye) So I made a Angry Bird card and when I was done I thought I bet he will laugh if I put a patch to the bird eyes….well it’s sure did work he loved that card and took a picture with is phone and send it to is friend. He say that was a cool card and wow to be able to use my IPad for Angry Bird.

Here what I use the 3-1/2 die for the big circle in cherry cobbler (I place it again on the die to cut the 1/4 circle shape) and one in crumb cake. The Blossom punch for the tail(wing) and the one with the patch for the top top is the elegant Butterfly. 1-3’8 circle punch and 1/2″ for his eyes. The window punch for eyebrow and the other the modern punch. I was trying a few different thing. The beak is square cut diagonal I use the 1′ and 1-1/2 square. The patch is the jumbo oval. Well my friends this it for now till tomorrow happy stamping

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