Good Day my friends
  Today project is way cool for this season. It’s a little pic nick basket made with the petite purse die #125606. You will need to cut 2 of the purse and then some little trimming but easy. To view how I did the wicket look you can CLICK HERE for another video that I did last month. For the Flower I use the Boho Blossom punch. Well this is it for now enjoy and happy Pic Nick!

If you miss Frenchie Share and ink club here it is
the DSP and ribbon. DSP share is 24.00 for 84 pieces of 6×6 including shipping

– the ribbon I have the In color for the 5 in-color 2 yards each color 10 yards total for 10.00 including shipping

-the 1/4 stitched of 10 colors for 12.00 including shipping total of 20 yards.

Please if you would like to participate in the share send me a e-mail for the one you want and I will send you a paypal invoice when share are file. If you already send me a e-mail I have it in file.

I bet you’re thinking you have all the ink pad well I bet when you try the new one you will want to have all the new one so here a great way to get them all.
For this club I need 4 person for each club when I have 4 person commitment I will send you a e-mail.  
This will last for 4 months and the coast each month is 65.00 plus one of the month you will be the Hostess and get 30.00 of FREE supplies of her choice. How I gona pick who’s the hostess for each month supluer simple first one that E-mail me will be the first one, 2nd will be the second …..
Each month you will get one family of the ink pad and the last month you will get a family plus the incolor.
When all 4 month are done you will be the proud owner of all the new ink pad. Please not that is a total of 43 ink pad. 5 in color, 10 brights, 10 subtle, 10 Regal, and 8 Neutrals (note this one is only 8 color cause we don;t have the vanilla and white in classic ink)
If you are interested please e-mail me and soon I have 4 in a group we’ll start. How to pay for this club well you have 2 choice send a cashier check each month or send me your credit card number Please do NOT send credit card in a e-mail I will call you or you call me with the number.
If you have any question please feel free to call me at 307-778-3662 or e-mail me.