Ana L

 Hi Blogger freinds
    Today is a quick post to show off some of the card that my team made for the challenge this month. What I gave them was 1/2 of sheet of card stock of each in color and they add to sue some of the card stock to create a card for the challenge. How we work it out is that every one that participate have their name enter in a drawing to win all the cards 🙂 How fun is that for the winner and for the one that create. I only have some of them today and Saturday I will post some more. If you would love to join a fun active team for business or to get a discount on your Stampin’Up! product I think now is a great time with all the add on Stampin’Up! added to the already great deal of joining. If you are ready to join my team visit my blog at then click join NOW. or to get all the info click HERE. I would LOVE to have you on the team not my team but our team! Please feel free to contact me if you have any question.
Okay off in the garage again to get more pre pare for this big sale again if you are in the Cheyenne area please stop by Sat. between 7 am to Noon this is the biggest one for sure. If our in the Fort Collin, Denver or any thing a few hours away from Cheyenne I will tell you it’s worth the drive. You will save so much on all the stamp, ink, paper…. to pay for your gaz and a big lunch 🙂 hope to see many of you!

 Holly P.


                                              Barb P and barb was the winner of all the cards

                                                     Jenny R

                                                  Dee A