Happy Easter! My Friends
   Have a wonderful Easter and lets not forget the reason of this celebration. 
About the Chick card today well I saw many similar to this one, here and there on Stampin’ Connection and of course I made my own. What it’s different on mine from all the one that I saw is the grass I snip the top of each green strip and I added the little thing on top of the chick heads. Here what I use the bird punch #117191 for the Chick and the eggs I use the extra large oval punch #119859. The DSP it a mix of them.

 Here some picture of the Martin’s creature that I took last Sunday while we enjoy the nice weather in Cheyenne. March was super nice weather and now it’s blaaaah. Here I will introduce you to the Martin bunch. Top picture is Mr.Shadow watching the BunBun to make sure he’s not running away. Shadow is very good with our bunny but it’s a very different story when the jack rabbits are in our yards.

 Here is Bunbun with is funny hairdo. I’s the time of the year when he’s shedding is winter coat so he look so funny.

Here it’s Mick with is lizard and no the lizard don’t have a name yet! Remember way back I posted some picture and ask about a good name for the lizard and we got some great name and then Mick said I’m not giving him a name every time I give a name to my lizards they die so this one will remain no name…. well I guest it’s working cause the lizard still we him. 

Top picture is Nika brushing her bunny. She is the one that will graduate and will go to university to become a vet. She always said she wanted to be a vet and many say that when they’re little and change their mind when they get older or find out how long they have to studies well so far she didn’t switch her mind and work super hard to keep her 4.0 GPA so she can get good scholarship she knows she’s in for a long time but super excited to start the new chapter of her life. I never thought she would be able to see or handle seeing animal sick or to put them down and she prove me wrong this past year. She shadow a vet here in town every Tuesday and she love it. So time will tell but she’s a very strong and focus girl so whatever she put her mind to she will work super hard at it to get it accomplish.

Here the wild pansy  for Easter. Like I mention our March was super warm and nice for Cheyenne and my pansy just came wild from some seed I bet got blow there by the wind. Well this is it for today. Have a wonderful Easter From all of us here at the Martin household!