Good Morning my Friends,
 Well today card is a fun one. Very different fold with the framelits, I wanted to make a video and darn I just didn’t found the time yet but I wanted to share it before this stamp set is not available anymore. The stamp set that I still can NOT pronounce  Apothecary Art is in the mini on page24 wood #125525 and clear #125527   only 2 more weeks for this mini then it will gone. Maybe I will have time this weekend but many ask for the top note owl that I did for the graduation favor so that is on the list but I will try to stop eating bonbon and get with it HA! It’s so hard for me to write any direction so video is the way to explain it and show how to make it. So I will try my best to make it before the end of the month. What I did is a frame with the framelit and only glue it on the right side the big piece that is stamp I only glue it on the left. so it make the gate. This card is cut on the long way 4 1/8 by 10 3/4. Last night it was the stamp a stack and this was one of the card we made and the ladies LOVED it.  Well I’m off to soccer game today and hope to hit the scrap room so I can make lovely cards to share this week. You all have a great weekend and Stop by tomorrow to see what I’m up to 🙂 Never know with what I will come up with, always a surprise when I walk to this scrap room, what I get attracted to 🙂
Till tomorrow my Friends

PS The list of retirement stamp set list will be coming out tomorrow. I will have a post at the reg. time and soon I’m up and can get my hand on the list I will post it. So make sure to check my blog at till it’s there 🙂 

FYI Many send me E-mail asking how I manage my super mom week and how I can manage a full time job, Stampin full time and be a mom. Well My answer is YES I manage it with some help from My Friend Holly and Tina to pick up Mick from soccer (remember car is dead) and the rest just got done with some extra planning. For the one that don’t now me to well,  well here a little bit about me….   is that I don’t watch TV except 30 minutes in the morning (only the news) with my cup of coffee so no TV in the day or at night (it’s funny when I have stamping class and they start talking about reality show and any show I’m so lost I change the subject quick because I don’t  have a clue what they are talking about). I plan my meal a week ahead (very rare we eat out) you can ask my kids how spoiled they are to have a full meal most of the night I should say every night (crock pot is one of my best friend) and I start laundry at night and fold it at 5:30 AM while I dink my coffee and watch the news  before  I get to work at 7 am. I’m done working at 2 PM so I have the afternoon to create and run with the kids to sport game and whatever is on the schedule…..  Plus I spend very little time in the store.  I hate shopping when I need something I run in the store get what I need and run out. I would say 3 to 4 night a week I have a stamping event, class, workshop but that is my entertainment/fun time and I LOVE my stamping family so my stamping job is not a job when you LOVE what you do it’s call fun time. Okay I bet now you are saying Men that Frienchie is the a weirdo well that is what I love to do spend time with the family and  Share what I love! (Stampin”Up!)  I bet you know more about me now that you ever wanted to know. 
 Just remember when you say I wish I would have time to stamp just turn off the TV and I bet you will have time to create 🙂
Okay off to soccer.