Whoooo HOOOO it’s Friday! ‘
What a week on top of being busy…..plus on foot mobile…. yesterday I was going to pick up Mick from soccer practice and BANG my car stop going…..long story short my transmission when out thanks goodness I was still in the neighborhood. I’m so thankful for great friend to be willing to stop their dinner and to go pick up Mick, you know we don’t leave in town we are in the country so it’s not like I could tell me just walk home….  So my car still site on the side of the road till Brett get home today to take care of the towing and decide where to get it tow… and 2 weeks ago I open the garage door and BANG the motor when out so I’m so thankful that the big shot don’t have any motor so I still can operate that thing HA! Always look at the bright side :)So today will be interesting with car pool to try to get everyone where they need to be on time 🙂 Life is good we are all healthy so all will work out!
   Well today video I will show you how to make this Card for Money Holder. I got this ideas from my friend Glenda but I switch mine to Graduation and I love what I did in the inside with the hat! It’s George Washington with the Grad Cap!
 Here what you need a piece of 8 1/4 by 6 3 3/4 card stock. Score at 2 3/4 and 5 1/2. The punches that I use are the circle 1 3/8 #119860, 1 1/4 #119861 and the scallop #119854 punch.
Please note that in the clearance rack they have some of the old style punch. Click here to view the clearance rack. Plus I have a great deal for 20 cards for 20.00 check it here if you didn’t see it last Wed. post. Well my friend I will leave you with the video and have a great day. I’m in meeting all day today, soccer game at 4 PM and tonight stamping class so if you e-mailing me and I don’t answer today  I will catch up we you all tomorrow.  PS to view the video you need to visit my blog at www.frenchiestamps.com to view it. It doesn’t open in a e-mail format. 
Happy Stampin’