Made by Charlie
Made by Lynne S.
 Made by Holly
 Made by Barb
 Made by Brook
 Made by Debbie
 Made by Chris W.
 Made by Cindy B
 Made by Kathy B
 Made by Dee A
 Made by Jill

Did you see my post of yesterday about the challenge I do with my team? If not click here to see all the detail and more…. All these cards are made by some of my team member and I would love to grown my team….hope some of you will join us soon 🙂 again check the post of yesterday to see the big deal on joining stampin’Up! for only 125.00 and the value is 300.00 more…. 
Well this is it for me today and just what the team did the job for me 🙂 thank you so much to all my team member to make this is the greatest one! 
FYI tomorrow I will start something new! Masculine Monday so make sure to stop by.