Good day you all,
Today share is something that I got inspired on Stampin’ Connection. It’s a glass jar with a battery tea light inside. The fun thing about it is the outside of the jar. Here what I did… First I use a piece of white tissue paper (the one for gift bag stuffer) I stamp the Delicate Doilies all over with white craft inf then emboss it with white powder (be careful not to leave your heat gun to long to burn the paper, the tissue is very light), then I spong a little here and there with Soft Sued, crumble your tissue and set a side.
Step #2 Wash your glass jar very good then cover all the surface with Mod Podge.
#3 Very quickly before the Mod Podge dry, apply your stamp/emboss tissue paper all over it don’t fuss about the wrinkle. I put my jar upside dowm on a bottle so I can cover under to.
#4 Apply a good layer of mod podge all over and let dry very good.
#5 After it’s all dry trim the top of the paper equal with the rim of the jar.
#6 Then you embellish with whatever you would like I use the Quilted Ribbon, Button and some Linen Threat.
VOILA you have super nice candle jar that will not catch on fire! Enjoy and have a great weekend!