Well I can’t believe this video was made back in July….I just finally got it on the web. If you read my post yesterday I did explain about all the video that I made way back that take forever to download on YouTube cause my camera was on the wrong setting well this  was one of them but I think  you would like to watch to it to see how easy it is to use the color coach. Plus I have the color coach class in the mail if that interested you, you get all the material to make the card that I design from the color coach 4 color or plus each month. For all the info click here. Okay back to the color coach the main thing is pick a stamp set and one color and finish your card before you say not good. 99% of the time when you are done you will be amaze how the color float great together. But if you just look at the color side by side you will think no way that I’m using this together but till you try it don’t judge it like I use to… It’s amazing on the result plus it make you use color that you would never use together.
FYI about the staircase yesterday I received many many e-mail how to make it so I did a video and it will be here this Friday 10-28. PS I change the color so make sure you stop by to see that one….

 The top card is one of the October card on the top 12 cards are all October class and bottom one is the September class. Well enjoy your color coach and till next time Happy Stampin’.