Wow I can’t believe it’s October already and that mean another round of Color Coach class. Tomorrow is the part one for local, like I mention before for the local gals I have 2 session 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month we make 6 card each night and for long distance I send the 12 cards all at once. For all the info click HERE. If you know all the info and are ready to get the kit in the mail I added the buy it now button at the bottom. 8:20 AM the buy button is fix Please note when you pay for the kit I will send you the month that we are in if you want one from the pass please e-mail me right after you make payment so I know that you want one from the past.
The top card is one of the month it’s one of the Rich Razzelberry color combo. I love this card plus the color combo is perfect for Halloween Witches.

 Top one is October class on the bottom picture was the September class, it’s NOT to late to order the September class in the mail just make sure if you want the Sept. one you send me a e-mail. Have a great week and make sure you stop by tomorrow for show time 🙂