Good day stamper…..
   Well today will be a quick post I have a list of “to do” today and I hope I can check a few think off. First I will watch a tennis match here in town my son is playing a home game and my daughter is playing a away game so I will stay in town to watch him today and next week I will see her home game plus tonight Nika my daughter is going for senior picture  so yes the day is full plus I have many thing to get ready for stamping class next week and the week after.  Just a quick FYI if you pre-order the kit for the color coach class this month it will be ship by 24 of Sept. If you want to see what the color coach class is click here, it’s available by mail or local.
Today card is a quilted card and here what  I use 12 square 1 1/4 by 1 1/4 glue them on a piece of 3 7/8 by 4 7/8 vanilla card stock then cut with the top note on big shoe, put your X for the stitch with the fine tip on the marker then using that top note place it in the Elegant Line embossing folder VOILA. you have your quilted piece.