Are you ready for a wonderful class? This class will last for a year every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month…don’t run away I will give you all the detail plus this class is available in the mail. This is a sneak peek at one of the color with the 3 combination. The color is Blushing Bride and click here to see another color combination.

  • Local info, every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month 
  • We’ll make 6 cards using 2 color in the color coach. (*some week we’ll use 3 color)
  • for each color we’ll make 3 cards -one in each combination ( Creative combination, Sweet Set, Dynamic Duo)  [*if one of the color don’t have the Dynamic combo we’ll make 3 with out the Dynamic so away a total of 6 cards]
  • Fee for each class is $12.00 for the 6 cards and my instruction 
  • You need to RSVP in advance and no later then the Sunday of the week of class.
  • If you can NOT attend and would like the kit for that week please e-mail me to RSVP the kit and the fee is the same. 
  • After you attend 12 class I will give you a color coach for FREE or if you have the color coach already I will give you a class for FREE!

I will have this class till I did all the Stampin’Up! colors you can pick and choose which class to attend but I’m sure after you start you will  want to attend them all.
This class will be wonderful to step out of the box and use all color in a way that you would never imagine to use those color.

  • Long distance info/ in the mail
  • you can buy the kit in the mail monthly for $25.00 including shipping
  • What you will get in the mail is all material pre-cut card stock, ribbon, all accessory that I use on the cards and ready to stamp to make the cards. 
  • Each month you will receive material for 4 colors ( the 4 colors will be the one we did in class that month) Total of 12 cards **(some month you will get more then 4 color if one color don’t have a combination for the Dynamic Duo I will add another color so each month you get for 12 cards)
  • PDF files with basic instruction, what I use for each card, plus I will include the name of the colors with each combination. 
  • If you don’t have the stamp sets that I use for a cards and don’t want to buy that stamp set don’t worry just use one that you have on hand and remember I have the frequent buyer program. Check it out on the right side of my blog.
  • I have the easy button for pay pal. When you pay “pay pal” I will send you the kit at the end of the month. FYI if you wish to receive a month that you miss you need to e-mail me the info which month you would like get if no memo I will send you the kit of the month you pay. 
  • If you participate for 6 month I will send you a color coach for FREE if you already have the color coach I will give you the next month class at half off so only $12.50 your choice. 
  • What you will need at home is stamp sets, ink and adhesive to complete your cards.

Any question please fell free to contact me CLICK HERE to send me a e-mail