Hi Stamper,
Before we get our day started lets stop for a few minutes to remember what happen 10 years ago…May God bless all the one that there life got crunch or  take away by that terrible tragedy.  I remember that day like it was only yesterday, my husband was flying for United at that time and he was on the runway in LA to take off but the tower call all flights off…When he call me to say he was OKAY I was very confuse it was only 6 ish in the morning in California so I was still in bed at that time and he say “don’t worry I’m okay, I can NOT talk at this moment but turn the TV on” Well I did and I still remember those pictures… I could go on and on about that day….. Blessing to all.
   I will try something new for the next month and will see how it work. Every Sunday for this month I will have my best or should I say the most popular project of last fall to refresh our memories on thing to make for the up coming Holidays. So please let me know if this is soemthing that you like or not. Many time we forget about cool project so Sunday will be my “Flash Back of Frenchie Projects”

Remember last Wednesday the Halloween card the I did and ask to play the guessing game. You can see the post and what it was all about HERE. The Winner is ………….
I think you used a dryer sheet. Several others ahead of me guess also. I think you sponged it with ink and then ran it through the Big Shot with the embossing folder.   Robbie
So Robbie please e-mail me your address so I can mail you the card 🙂 this was so fun for me getting all those comment and e-mail I had 38 with the right answer 🙂 between comment and e-mail, thank you so much for all who play I enjoy it lots. Yes Robin was correct but I glue my use dryer sheet (use dryer sheet like one that when in the dryer for 2 loads work better so OLD dryer sheet new one don’t work good) on gray card stock then run in the big shot with the web embossing folder then use the dauber to add some black. VOILA! I will make a video in October. FYI For the one that can NOT leave a comment I’m sorry I’m trying to find out why and so fare the only thing that I can found is many of the one that tell me that they can NOT don’t have Fire Fox so I don’t know if that is the thing or not but I will keep trying to find what I could do different. Please know that I read all comment and E-mail. Thank you all for playing and I will have another guessing game tomorrow but this time it will be harder….all about color. Hope you will stop by to play!
And now lets go back in time.

Click here to see the video and more on the Luminary.

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Click Here to see the Pumpkin and the Ghost Top Note Purse.
Have a great Sunday and Bless you all…..