WOW I can’t believe it’s Friday already….. So it’s video time at Frenchie’s. Today video is a must see I think. Don’t you dislike when you have a stamp that have a image and greeting on the same block or rubber and you only want to use the greeting or the image, then you have to use the marker or wipe of part of the ink and on and on… Well today I will show you how to fix that problem. You know me I like to save time when it come to stamping cause I like to stamp LOTS and if it take to long for certain technique I will do without so this video is a very good tip and trick to make a stamp set of 8 become a set of 16! I use the Easy Events stamp set for this one. I have a class coming on September 9th with this stamp set PLUS it will be available in the mail check the post of Wednesday for all the info. Click HERE for Wednesday post.
The card on top I use the Pink Pirouette, Shimmer White and Black card stock.

Just a little share of my day yesterday….. I think I was super women! I don’t know where i got the energy but wish I would have that energy every day. Before noon I had all 3 room upstairs vacuum and carper wash with the machine then before dinner I was all ready for my stamp a stack, did 2 video, clean my craft room, clean the 2 bathroom plus dinner made a bake ham, devils eggs and potatoes. WOW are you tired just reading this HA I was so impress with myself I had to share it. Wish I know what gave me the big boost of energy cause I would take it every day 🙂 I only add a yogurt for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch maybe I need to stick on little food!. Well hope today I can accomplish lots again so I will be ready for full time work Monday. Have a great weekend Y’All!