Good day Y’All
    Today share is what I made for the lovely ladies that sign up to be part of my Team and Stampin’Up! this week. Lets start with the card on top. I’m made a stash last year after convention and I use them when someone sign up to be part of my team or just to send note about Stampin’Up!/ my team, I love the greeting “Love what you do, Share what you love” and yes I do love what I do and I love to share with all of you and I’m sure you can tell this is the truth  by what I share on this web site. The big deal of joining my team/ Stampin’Up! for only $99.00 is almost over so if you ever thought about it well it’s time to take action NOW…….

Here the lovely basket that I made for the tow lovely ladies that join my team this week. I got inspired by the SU catalog on page 73 and the stamp set Tote-ally Tess and Fancy Favor Box Die. What I include in the basket is a pair of scissor to remind them that from now on there Stampin’Up! purchase is cut by 20% or more 🙂 and glue and snail to say Thank you so much for sticking with me plus I know when we start something new we have lots of question, dream and goals so I did a  Dream Note book for them so they have a place to write all there dream, question and goal:)

See on the scissor I added a charm and  I use the filigree flower to remind them to bloom everywhere they go. I think this basket is the cuttess. So now I would love to Welcome Mary L. and Cathy G. to my team and your basket will be mail by the end of the week when my supplies arrived. I would love to make more basket so join my team and I will make you one! I love to work with my team and so excited to add 2 new ladies to the team this week. Thank you so much. Well know here a question to you out there that’s thinking maybe you should join my team/Stampin’Up! What you have to loose? answer is NOTHING What you have to gain LOTS, friendship, discount on your stamping order, stampin’ connection, chance to travel for free, attend Stampin’Up! even and much more so come join my team now at the low price of $99.00 and yes I will send you a lovely basket. Click here for more info or if your are ready click here.  If you have any question please e-mail me or call me, it would be my pleasure to answer your question.

 Let’s Welcome Marry L and Cathy G. to Stampin’Up! and Ink with Frenchie Team!